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anyone of you know where to buy this items with very cheap price
On average it cost me about $6 to make a 120ml bottle of e-liquid. Thats about $0.05 per ML.

I suggest investing in a decent scale and mixing by weight instead of volume. It is more precise and a lot cleaner. This scale is the one I have and is most recommended by the DIY community.

Here are some good resources.

(07-28-2016, 10:12 AM)CosmicTruth Wrote:  I'm all about TFA flavors , you have to buy larger bottles to get on the wholesale list, then shipping and prices are quite low. for nic I use again you need to buy larger quantities but the quality and cost is good. I don't know about the cost of overseas shipping.

Bull City Vapors carries TFA as well as most all of the popular Flavor concentrates. Most of my concentrates are TFA but when you get into complex mixes there are just some flavors you will need from other brands. I usually buy 3-4 different brands at a time so it is cheaper to pay a little more per flavor and buy them all from one source and only pay 1 shipping charge.
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