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Joyetech ULTIMO Atomizer with New MG Series Heads
I think I got a bad batch of MG Clapton Coils.
I bought a 5x Pack of Ceramic Coils & a 5x Pack of Clapton Coils for my ULTIMO.
The Cemaric coils work great... But the Clapton Coils are BAD.
Each Clapton coil, I get a burnt taste from the begining, I've used FOUR Clapton coils, and all give me a burnt taste, and I'm only running them at 30W-40W.
The Ceramic Coils, I run 45W-60W, no problems.
Joyetech needs to improve their Quality Control.
My wife & I have been using Joyetech products for over TWO Years, but not anymore.
I'm NEVER buying ANYTHING Joyetech branded, EVER AGAIN.
Enough Said

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