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Joyetech ULTIMO Atomizer with New MG Series Heads
(08-11-2016, 03:51 PM)kdub916 Wrote:  Yeah you get extra screws but after only 3 different builds there already stripping..

Yeah, I've stripped one already too. 生气
I don't think Joyetech is using very good quality grub screws.
It's sad really, in my opinion, I don't think Joyetech puts must thought towards long-term quality products, they just want to sell, sell, sell, and don't seem to put much thought or funding research into providing High Quality, Long Lasting products.
I doubt I will be buying more Joyetech products, I think that Joyetech has kind-of lost focus on customer satisfaction, and they're just focusing on income right now.
Something needs to change at Joyetech, or they going to lose a lot of long-time faithful customers (like me).
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