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Joyetech ULTIMO Atomizer with New MG Series Heads
(08-10-2016, 01:18 AM)Rfsvaper Wrote:  I have bought this new atomizer for the ceramic coil with a lot of expectations.
I'm using it on cuboid and also on cuboid mini in power mode between 40/30 watts. Liquids are 70/30, nicotine 3.
Same (bad) experience.
Unfortunately it disappointed me because the ceramic coil is very often producing a lot of hot spitting during inhale and it leaks when not in use.
Eventually,  it is getting hot very soon after few inhale.
Am I the only one who found these issues?
Is there some way to mitigate? Any suggestion is much appreciated.

I have the ULTIMO tank, and it's quite nice, not the best tank out there, but it is certainly the best Joyetech tank I've got (I also have the eGo ONE Mega, the Tron-S, and that piece of sh!t Cubis tank (Cubis Tank is great, coils are rubbish!).

I used the Ceramic coil today for the first time on my ULTIMO, and it leaked immediately, as I was filling the tank the first time.
I noticed that the Ceramic portion was not "seated" properly inside the coil head, it was actually slightly off-center, so I just adjusted the Ceramic tube section, so that it was in the centre of the coil head, and now it's working just fine.
On my Cuboid: 50-60 Watts.
On my eVic VTC Mini: 40-50 Watts.
E-Juice is 70VG/30PG, 3mg Nic.

On flavour though, I too had high expectations, but it's not that fantastic, in my opinion, it's about the same flavour as the other stock Clapton coil that comes in the ULTIMO pack.

I also bought the MG RTA Head (sold separately) for the ULTIMO, and that unit is a nightmare to wick, I have done three different builds on it, and re-wicked it about half a dozen times, the flavour is decent, but I get lots of dry hits, it's as if it's not wicking properly. 嗯

To summarise, the ULTIMO is a very nice sub-ohm tank, with the stock coils (Clapton or Ceramic), the RTA Head is not that great.
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