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Joyetech ULTIMO Atomizer with New MG Series Heads
(07-13-2017, 01:23 AM)louiesquared Wrote:  
(07-12-2017, 09:36 PM)GPC2012G Wrote:  Thanks Joyetech for standing up and doing the right thing when the company I bought my Ultimo from wouldn't.  I'm happily awaiting the delivery of my brand new Ultimo.  I certainly hope everyone knows how great Joyetech is.

That is great to hear. I hope the new one works out for ya.

You and me both while the first one was working I just loved it. Flavor equal to or better than the Cubis Pro, with ABSOLUTELY NO SPITTING. The Cubis just needs to be swabbed out daily and although some might feel that's a bad thing the flavor and vape quality is so worth it. Wifey and I both vape the Cubis. I was about to order her one of the Ultimo's when it went belly up. I'm sure I just got that one in a million that has an issue (story of my life lol). All of my joyetech products are good. Or vaped to death.


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