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EXCEED NC with NotchCore Review by Ippolit
EXCEED NC with Notchcore
Review by Ippolit

Joyetech provided me with the kit for this review, but I always give a realistic review, usually after at least a week of daily use.

Last time I reviewed a Vape kit with a Notchcore tank I said “wow”, that was the Joyetech Silk. I won’t say “wow” again.

I’ll say good grief instead!  

To qualify that, I tested the combination of the Exceed NC and the Notchcore for over a week, using it as a daily go to vape. I also used the same high quality, natural flavour 80/20 liquid in a well known RDA with dual clapton coils to compare the two for flavour.

There was nothing in it to speak of, the Notchcore tank matched the RDA for flavour and perhaps even more surprisingly for cloud volume too! The liquid used for my comparison is a combination of subtle organic flavours with an intense overall effect, the Notchcore brought out these subtleties very well.

[Image: ptekKCX.png]

[Image: NKUhe3E.jpg]

The tank and coil

The Notchcoil itself is a cylindrical coil, with gold-plated integral end connectors mounted horizontally in gold-plated connectors on the Notchcore deck. It’s a press in fixing, but well enough designed and built to not cause any issues, it never fell out nor became displaced when carrying it around. A wick of cotton runs through the centre of the coil.

Unlike other notchcoils before it this Joyetech development does not have legs and screw in clamps, making it simpler to change. In fact it’s easy enough to wick the Notchcoil too. I didn’t find it necessary to dry burn the coil before wicking, I just clean the tank out, scrub the coil very gently with an old clean toothbrush, pull through some cotton, trim the ends and there it is, after it’s first clean and rewicking you may need to stretch the coil very slightly so that it fits correctly into the deck. They’re cheaper than traditional screw in coils anyway, so no need to bother unless you have the inclination and the time!

The immense vapour clouds available and the stunning flavour is likely due to the horizontal layout and design of the Notchcoil itself, it has a very large surface area for it’s size, being machined from a tiny flat tube, it vapourises liquid extremely efficiently.

The tank, which is of course 510 screw fitting, is easy to fill, with the now standard slide top, there’s a removable tip too and substantial adjustable air control holes- I’m a Direct to Lung vaper (DTL) and it was airy enough for me, closing it down constricts the airflow sufficiently for a Mouth to Lung vaper (MTL) too.

[Image: Ov5hpg6.jpg]

The Exceed NC unit is powerful in itself, coupled with the Notchcore it's amazing.

[Image: GIoA051.jpg]

It’s a pen style device fitted with a 2300mAh battery that just lasts and lasts …. the beautiful white version I have is sleek and glossy with an etched design on it’s surface. The black version is gorgeous too! Being 22mm in diameter it’s chunky, the large capacity battery adds to the weight, so it feels substantial and strong. There is a mini-usb port on the side opposite the button for charging.

There is only one control, a black button that fits near seamlessly into the body and toggles between the two power modes and provides on/off control. Firstly power can be set to direct output mode where simply put, everything that the battery has is delivered to the coil, as with a mechanical mod - there is protection circuitry in line however. Second mode is constant voltage where circuitry regulates the output of the battery so that a constant voltage is delivered to the coil. I prefer the constant voltage mode. Power available is around 20-25W, which is roughly where I prefer to set my Silk and Notchcore combination.

To set the power mode: when powered off, long press the fire button until the light is on. Continue to click the button to switch between direct output mode (white light) and constant voltage output mode (orange light).

On and off are selected by the standard 5 quick clicks, couldn’t be easier.

The power of the Exceed is not finely adjustable so you get masses of clouds and flavour immediately, I’m not a fan of huge clouds so I found that I was taking shorter puffs than with other devices.

In the box you get the Exceed NC and Notchcore tank with a Notchcoil fitted, one spare Notchcoil ( available for purchase in packs of 5), a USB cable, manual & warranty card. Spare parts included are a spare tank glass (... great!) two drip tip O-rings and 2 tank seals.

Negative point - as has been pointed out before, the Notchcore tank at 2.5ml is too small, it’s so efficient at converting liquid to flavoursome clouds you’ll end up with a bottle in your pocket too. Of course in the EU TPD regulations limit tank size anyway.

[Image: 2JECbjg.jpg]


I love this powerful combination, I was delighted to see the superb Notchcore matched up with a new Exceed variant. I heartily recommend this kit to beginners or experienced vapers, you will be as amazed by the flavour and ease of use as I have been. You can purchase the kit soon direct from Joyetech or your authorised retailer.

Click for Exceed NC & Notchcore details    
I swear if the Notchcore tank was bigger,much bigger I would probably use nothing else!!!
微笑  smoke free since January 2014 ?微笑
(09-16-2018, 10:38 AM)Liz (glizz) Wrote:  I swear if the Notchcore tank was bigger,much bigger I would probably use nothing else!!!

Agree 100% Liz, I now have a rotation of Silk - EXCEED NC - Riftcore on the Solo Anniversary, with different flavours for daily use. If out I take the Silk, it's tough with a band on the tank... but with a bottle of mixed CBD and liquid for top ups.

I'm in love 心 with Taste of the Gods and some of the Wick Liquor flavours at the moment, the Notchcore brings out the subtleties of those very well.
Great Review!


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