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How long has everybody been off the stinky's, and did you find it hard to stay off them totally when you switched to Vaping.
Been almost a year, at first it was tough. After a few weeks it started getting easier, but a couple months in it was all good. Now I am trying to help all my smoker friends and family off the cigs and trying to be an e-pusher lol.
I just started vaping a couple of weeks ago, and I have to admit that i am still smoking about 5 tobacco cigarettes a week. But they are getting less day by day.
[Image: idCsPlr1j]
On November 17 2014 I entered a store to buy the cheapest e-cigarette there was on the market, just to give it a try. The moment I tried it I instantly quit the tobacco cigarettes. I must add that I adored smoking and never even tried to quit, buying an e-cigarette was just pure curiosity. I entered the store as a smoker and came out as a vaper, it went that easy for me. Never have smoked one ever since - and all this after 21 years of smoking 1-1/2, 2+ packs per day.
Smoke free since November 2013 with the help of vaping.. and my health has improved drastically i can breathe better, smokers cough is gone, dont have to stop to catch my breath.. definitely would recommend vaping to anyone trying to quit cigarettes!!
Cigarette free since November 2013! ?大咧嘴
Tomorrow will mark 8 weeks cigarette free. Best thing I ever quit.
I am cigarette free for 4 and a half years (after 20+ years of smoking). Same for my wife...
And vaping is "responsible" for this 微笑
微笑 Stinky free since Sep 11, 2010 微笑
at first twas hard I miss the analogs, but I just said to myself, I wanna be healthy wanna live a long life, and I don't wanna get any diseases that comes from smoking, in two weeks time and its goodbye analogs,


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