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Weak Battery with indicator showing a full battery
(12-15-2016, 10:07 AM)Murray B Wrote:  
(06-18-2016, 01:17 PM)recoil101 Wrote:  Now I don't know if the battery is just not up to the job or if the new firmwares just have a screwed battery indicator. But any help would be appreciated as I would like to continue using the VTC Mini, but currently I don't know if the battery is actually full or if I am about to get get trolled by it.

First thing to do with any vaping system is to make sure that all contact points are squeaky clean.  I use 99% oil-free Isopropyl alcohol that is available at most pharmacies and a lint-free cloth to clean power cell terminals and other connections.  The charge indicator on the mod estimates the remaining charge from the cell voltage.  The weak battery indicator comes on when the cell voltage drops below a certain value while under load.  The weak battery indication tells more about the cell's internal resistance than its state of charge.  The cell can be fully charged and weak at the same time.  Since a dirty cell connection can also give a weak cell indication the first thing to try is cleaning the cell terminals.  After that about all you can do is replace the cell with a new one.
Thanks for your detailed illustration.
I have the same problem on the evic vtwo mini. LG Choco showing weak battery even though it is still 75% to 80% full. I don't think the battery is the problem because i just bought this along with 3 others. I used my older (by a month) LG Choco batteries and they too have the same problem with it. However, there are no problems with the Sony VTC 4 batteries... it only signals weak batteries if I am down to about 10% to 15% of my charge.

I used the bypass mode and it partially solves the problem. The mod is firing but at a lower wattage that I have set and eventually it even gets lower as my battery drains. My vape hits are getting colder and colder.

Now, I have tried another way which is to turn off the mod's preheat function. This actually solves the issue with weak batteries as I am now able to vape at 35 watts without the notification recurring. However, I love the preheat function of this device and it is one of the reasons why I bought this.

I hope Joyetech fixes this issue with a firmware update as I am sure that this is a bug on the preheat function with the mod not recognizing the battery charge well when using preheat.
All the hours im logging on GTA IV are not showing up in my steam profile, whats up with this? Any suggestions to fix.

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