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Joyetech RiftCore Duo tank review by Ippolit
Joyetech RiftCore Duo tank review by Ippolit

N.B. - I got this product for review directly from Joyetech. This will not influence my opinion.

I prefer to write about my user experience without being too “geeky” but you will find links to Joyetech’s RiftCore tutorial and specifications below.

At the same time as developing the remarkable NotchCore Joyetech have produced the RiftCore Duo tank, which has no coil….

[Image: 9eyMXnE.jpg?1]

Now there’s lots of Mesh tanks, there’s many types of Notch too, but this is different. There is a rift or a gap between two tiny USA made ceramic heating plates, fitted onto a well made deck with allen grub screws so they are replaceable …. Joyetech quote up to 80,000 puffs before that’s required!

[Image: 5cXsHrc.png?1]

Cotton, cut to the correct size, is already placed between these two plates, so open the tank, soak the cotton a little with juice, refit the tank parts and fill via the sliding top after closing the air vents temporarily.

[Image: s57Nz3q.jpg?1]

After 5 mins soaking, fit onto your favourite mod, I’m using my Espion Solo Anniversary, open the air vent to your preferred setting, this is definitely a DL ( Direct to Lung) setup as it’s very airy.

I don’t like hot vapour so I am using around 30W on this tank, there is a lot of richly flavoured vapour, and I mean rich. It doesn’t gurgle or flood at all - that’s impossible as there’s no coil! My only negative comment would be that the tank does get warm in use, more so than the NotchCore for example.

I used the RiftCore for a week before I felt that the cotton needed replacing and the plates cleaned by dry-burning, yes that’s all you do- just clean and rewick!  I don’t use many sweet liquids so if you do you may find you need to rewick more frequently. I recommend that 3 pieces of cut cotton should be pulled into that rift in order that there is sufficient to soak up the liquid entering the deck area, any less and you may find that thin high PG liquid may find it’s way down and out of the vents.

It’s easy to do, here’s Joyetech’s tutorial video:

In the box you will find a number of pre-cut cotton pieces, and a square of quality cotton pad so you can cut your own too. A small metal template is provided so you can cut the correct size easily with sharp scissors. There’s a pair of strong tweezers, rubber seals, grub screws and a spare tank glass too.

[Image: s8ldbGu.jpg?1]

To be coil free is an innovation, to have the tank well engineered is typical of Joyetech. The Riftcore is tough, well built and easy to rewick and clean, I recommend it wholeheartedly!

[Image: VqNEVNp.png?1]

Available in now Blue, Gold & Black in the USA for pre-order and in the UK and rest of the world soon.

More details and technical specifications - Riftcore Duo
Nice thanks for the review and information 微笑


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