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Joyetech eVic Primo Fit honest review.
Hello, dear Social!
Today I will tell you about Joyetech eVic Primo Fit - an unexpected re-imagination of the popular box-mod line. You can unmistakably guess external features of the Primo model range, but there are more differences than similarities between the new and the old.
[Image: 9jq5HV--Il4.jpg]
You can choose from four colors - black, blue, steel and dazzling. All of them are painted with a pleasant and slightly rough to the touch matte paint, and the last pair has varnished inserts of the chosen shade, besides the black ones. The word "Fit" is present in the title for a reason - it's the smallest Primo in the family. It's weight with an atomizer is a little less than 200 grams with a height of 104.5 millimeters, a width of 22.5 and a length of 40. The device is designed for atomizers with a diameter of not more than 22 millimeters.
Fit received a built-in battery with a capacity of 2800mAh and a function of fast charging by currents up to 2A. It is the use of a built-in battery in the design that has made it possible to dramatically reduce the dimensions: this baby can easily "fit" into any pocket. The kid has an updated board, which provides resistance support from 0.05 Ohms in all modes and 25 milliseconds response. It is capable of operating in the power range from 1 to 80 watts and has a limit on the maximum output current of 25A.
[Image: aqNEemoCd4A.jpg]
The logic of menu has changed a little - it has become more intuitive and easier to master. Inherited from the older models, the interface no longer goes down to selecting the desired line and configuring it, instead there is an organized menu, where each group of parameters is located a separate section. Do you want to change the mode? Look under "Mode" for a whole mass of them, including Bypass, TC and TCR. In the sub-menu "Set" there are various additional functionalities: coil lock, preheat, stealth mode, setting the date and time, as well as other joys. Last but not least, "Info" will please you with information about the status of the battery and the current firmware version. Choose "Exit" to return to the main interface.
[Image: XFvOuwtcUjE.jpg]
The EXCEED Air Plus atomizer is supplied with the well-proven EX coils: among them there is an EX MTL 1.2 Ohm for connoisseurs of tight inhale and nicotine salts, as well as a more "free" EX DL 0.5 Ohm. Both names are present in the kit, which will help vaping beginners to feel the full range of emotions from switching to vape. In comparison with the previous EXCEED series tanks, Air has a very convenient filling system: the lid does not need to be untwisted, it just moves in the direction of the arrow similar to that of it's older brother - ProCore Air. Because of the "bubble" glass, the volume of the tank has grown to 3 milliliters: in the black version it is slightly tinted, and in blue it matches with the color of the battery mod. Those who don't like rounded shapes will need to search the aid of Air without the "Plus" suffix - the glass from it fits perfectly, although it limits the capacity to two milliliters. A distinctive feature of the EXCEED atomizer line has always been a sufficiently flexible airflow with a rubber band under the ring, which eliminates the flow of unwanted air. This solution allows the cigarette inhale to always remain primordial. The heating element for Californian inhale lovers feels good in combination with a large air intake opening, but it sensibly hits the overall autonomy of the bundle.
[Image: S6vrmxbLH2s.jpg]
The Joyetech company has corrected all problems with the younger model - eVic Primo Mini. However, the very nature of last year's flagship changed: all batteries of the standard 18650 size and atomizers with a diameter of more than 22 millimeters accumulated by excessive labor can be set aside, this song is not about them. Obviously, all the best things go to the ESPION line, leaving a rather narrow space for maneuvers. Primo Fit balances on the verge of leaving the track, but copes with the handling, rushing to a meeting with:
  • Lovers of light and compact devices designed for short walks;
  • Numerous fans of Primo, continuing to love their handsome devices no matter what;
  • Beginners in the world of vaping, looking for a versatile device for every day;
  • Supporters of salt nicotine e-liquids;
  • Fans of MTL and various atomizers for it.

Thank you very much for your attention, I wish you a good mood!
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I love your photos!
Very nice review, as always, and fine pictures.
(06-23-2018, 05:02 AM)CosmicTruth Wrote:  Very nice review, as always, and fine pictures.

心 心 心
微笑  smoke free since January 2014 ?微笑


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