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eJuice leaking from the air vent
Hello! I'm having trouble with my eGrip OLED, the juice is leaking from the little hole in the base where the air is supposed to go. Sometimes I find myself aspirating liquid, if I blow from the mouthpiece some liquid sprays out of the air hole. This is causing me desperation, I can't vape happily anymore.

Any help/tip/advice?
Please check botton coil connection, meanwhile please check other possible situations:
1. Silicon O ring checking
2. If RBA coil, please check cotton, which shold block the coil in case leakage
3. Check threading tightness, make sure there is no loosen space to gernate leakage
3. Coil status checking, if been used for long time, it will get leakage as cotton easily over soked by juice.

Hi im having the same problem. It is leaking everywhere. Is new, i bought since 3 weeks ago. I changed the coil, the o rings and bla bla bla.
Seems to be a common issue Leaking and spit back!

Leaking I find is that nic is too strong 12/18mg, try 3/6mg juice.
Spit back, most common problem is too much wattage on the coil or more than what the coil is rated to.

I use TC settings.
Easy - Start 30W including Bypass
Temp first set to 215c adjust(increase) to find that sweet spot =)


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