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Cubis Coils
I've had the cubis tank for just over a week, first thoughts were great but then after only a few days the 0.5 coil burnt so tried the 1.2 after a few hours that started to burn, didn't get round to trying the clapton.

At first I thought it might be the e-juice I use, it's very thick, 93% VG but it now seems it was the coil and the juice holes not being big enough.

Today I received 5 genuine 0.5 BF SS316 coils and the first thing I noticed was the juice holes, I compared the new with the old and yes they are quit a bit bigger.

So I primed the new coil in the top 3 to 5 drops and then put a few drops in the juice holes and left it to sit for a while.
Came back to it after about 15 minuets and then put it all back together and let sit for a while longer, about 10 to 15 minuets.

I've been vapping with it for a couple of hours or more and it's great, great taste and more important no burning, that's tempting fate.

The new coils come in different packaging, clear front with a foil backing, the old ones were clear front and black plastic back.
Cuboid + Cubis
Thanks for your first unboxging impression.
So we gotta get this ones, no need using the old ones as they last only a few h anyway.

Next you should close the holes on the bottom of the Cubis RBA, it floods the coil when building horizontal coils.
22 days since I got the pack of five .5 SS316 coils and I'm getting very frustrated with them.
As you will see from my other post, these are the newer coils with slightly bigger juice holes. All was going well until last night and right out of the blue the coil just started burning. Now normally you get a bit of a burnt taste to start with and it gets slowly worse, not this coil, it was a full on burn.
So changed the coil for another new one, primed it and put in in the tank and left it while I had something to eat. I've just started vapping and I have to say it's not great, the draw on it is much tighter than the other one and the flavour isn't great.

As I said getting very frustrated because there is no consistency with these coils.
Cuboid + Cubis


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