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Riftcore Duo (beta version)
I had the opportunity to try out the Beta Version
[Image: vcpTmmm.png?1]
the package included all the basics.....
1 x Joyetech RFC Duo
1 x Cotton Pack
1 x Hex Wrench
1 x Manual
1 x Warranty Cards
1 x Warning Card
Spare Parts including a spare clear glass
A smokey glass is pre installed
The Riftcore Duo is a 26mm rewickable atomizer with 3.5ml capacity! Yes rewickable, not rebuildable! It's coil-less! It features an RCF microtechnology heater made from advanced ceramic material,2 small plates that heat up.It is made in USA and passed safety testing in a independent US lab. the MSDS Report is also available  at
The heating plates is easily self-cleaned by removing the cotton and dry-burning at 30W for 3 seconds allowing 10 second cool down between each dry-burn. I found 3 to four cycles of this and your ready to re-wick . the RCF system is designed to have a long ,long estimated 1 million puffs!!
[Image: YAeAGnX.jpg]
[Image: zsOWfCr.jpg]
You can use 2 or 3 strips of cotton and simply pull them between the 2 plates. The Riftcore Duo comes with several precut strips and also a metal guide so you can measure the the proper size strip. I preferred using 3 strips to avoid any leaking with 50/50 juice. It worked great! 
[Image: vHkCyi8.jpg]
The Duo is top filling, how ever you must remove the mouth piece in order to refill. It also has 3 large bottom air slots.With both heating elements installed it's a .25ohm coil but you can also remove one of the plates giving you .5ohm.
[Image: agedCcO.png]
the mouth piece must be removed before sliding open to refill but I believe this issue was fixed for the final version.
[Image: 0kLFKnV.png]
This is the beta version ! The final version will be available in gold,black or blue.
I understand the final version will be released around June 15th.
Approx. cost for the Riftcore Duo will be $55-$60 US / $70-$75 Canadian 
[Image: cQXsIlk.jpg]
In My Opinion:
The Riftcore Duo is very innovative. The thought of no more tedious rebuilding is perfect for me! Joyetech recommends vaping between 40-50 watts with the Duo. I found it best between 35-45watts. It heats fast and evenly and produces a fair amount of vapour. The flavour is great .I love the fact that its so simple to change flavours by the simplicity of a few dry-burns and changing of the cotton.And never ever once did I get a dry hit !!! I think this is the future!!! Yes this one is only designed for up to 50 watts but I believe Joyetech is sure to come up with maybe another version of plates suitable for higher watts. I also love the fact that one plate can be removed to allow for lower wattage vapers and wow the new vapers ....they will never know the struggles some of us faced  in our journey! I definitely plan on buying the final version no 'if,ands or buts'! It's amazing!

and it sits perfectly on my Espion Solo
[Image: ZBgEvcs.png?1]
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