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Joyetech Batpack honest review.
Hello, dear forum users! Today I will tell you about the extremely small, very nice and quite innovative kit from Joyetech. It's name is Joyetech Batpack with Joye ECO D16 atomizer and he is serving for very good purposes. Which ones - we'll figure it out along the way.
Joyetech decided to raise the packaging of their products a step above the competition and took as standard the colorful design first appeared on boxes with ESPION Infinite. So you immediately know the color of the device, and the fact that the insides have arrived to you intact and secure, reliably kept in their places. Batpack has two different styles of painting and decoration. The first is a single-color shiny device of gold, green or dazzling color with a snake skin resin atomizer. The second one is a two-color matte device with a two-color atomizer: blue-pink, black-blue or red-gold. I got a little bit of everything, there will be enough for the demonstration, but Tony Stark's fans, to my deep regret, will remain disappointed.
[Image: Q3M5iq7Q-xs.jpg]
In an atomizer, you can easily recognize a slightly bigger eGo AIO ECO. The diameter was increased for a couple of millimeters, which led to an increase in the volume of the liquid reservoir - now it accommodates "European" two milliliters. BFHN 0.5 Ohm coils coexist well with highly nicotine fluids, and especially nicely with salt nicotine. It must be noted that manufacturer does not recommend using the parts of the kit separately, although Joye ECO D16 can also be tried to fit on other devices, but it's worth reminding that the BFHN coil needs a voltage of not more than 1.85V. Those, who already had time to get acquainted with the last eGo AIO ECO, know that Joyetech has achieved almost perfect MTL without sacrificing taste. In a new atomizer, the inhale was pulled even closer to the unattainable cigarette ideal, but there is still no chance to regulate it. Other facts – the diameter of the atomizer is 16.5 millimeters, the height is 43 millimeters, it has the top filling solution and the glass is removable.
But let us move on to the most delicious part - a tiny box-mod: it's width is 18 millimeters, length 37, and height - 70.5. It was created, first of all, as a panacea for smokers, who avoided switching to vaping because of the possible explosions of high-drain batteries so beloved by the media. Therefore, a safer power source is used in Batpack – two AA batteries or two Ni-MH batteries. It should be noted that there are lithium-ion batteries of similar size 14500 with a nominal voltage of 3.7V - their installation can damage most devices designed for the output voltage of AA batteries of 1.2-1.5V. Therefore, it is forbidden to install batteries of the 14500 format in Batpack, especially since Joyetech carefully put a pair of branded Avatar AA Ni-MHs with a capacity of 2100mAh and a nominal voltage of 1.2V into one of the bundles, in the model they are connected in series, providing us with 2, 4V. And then the ECO technology comes into hand, thanks to which the BFHN coil requires only 1.85V for work and the pieces of the puzzle start to be added to the whole image. The entire assembly weighs no more than a hundred grams, the body at the same time gives the impression of a monolith that can be safely slammed against a hard surface: the maximum that it will require to do afterwards is to check and assemble the scattered batteries and maybe replace the glass on the tank.
[Image: w3WgGGlgpMo.jpg]
Do such devices have the right to exist? On the one hand, once, a long time ago, this was not at all a wonder, and the batteries can now be bought literally anywhere. On the other hand, we all remember the disadvantages of these power sources: memory effect, leaks, oxidation and other joys of life. Autonomy ... Of the standard batteries, Batpack will last for approximately 150-200 puffs, but everything changes when Ni-MH batteries are installed. The complete run, compelling with all the rules of operation, will ensure you with impressive 750-800 puffs before the red LED indicates the need to recharge them. You can do it with the help of well-known methods or you can buy a brand new Avatar charger.
Joyetech Batpack seems useful to me. With it's help it is possible to acquaint the older generation with vaping: no fuss with batteries, current, voltage, watts - just something our grandfathers and fathers came across almost every day that does not scare them and that will make a wonderful companion to their old button phone. But that's not all - the Batpack is great for stealthy vaping because of its miniature size and low vapor production. And as a spare device for quick quenching of nicotine hunger in places where it is not possible to charge modern high-drain batteries, it will definitely be useful: I've seen AA batteries on sale even in the Karelian outback where all goods are usually delivered by air or sea.
[Image: fNHzYy5d6nY.jpg]

Thank you all for reading and good mood!
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A great read! Thank you 8)


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