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[Image: yrvGrpC.jpg]
The Joyetech Batpack is a tiny mouth to lung pocket vaporizer designed with the new ECO technology and powered by AA batteries  . This technology allows the batteries to have very low output. At 1.85V ultra low output it allows for approx. 800 puffs with 2 fully charged Avatar AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries based on 2-3 second puffs.And approx. 150 puffs from to normal everyday batteries you buy at the corner store or anywhere.
[Image: aaAsPDH.jpg]
[Image: QRYJkwn.jpg]
The kit comes with 2 x AA rechargeable batteries,a spare coil and some spare o-rings and of course all the warranty's,warnings and user manual!. It's available   in 6 different colours, dazzling,green,black/blue, dark blue/pink, gold or red/gold.
[Image: TNvbbQt.jpg]
It measures only 112.5mm x 37mm x 18mm and the 2ml Joye ECO D16 atomizer takes the BFHN 0.5 coil head that is optimized for use with high nic e-liquids (FYI DO NOT use this atomizer on other vaporizers or other tanks on the Batpack)

here is a basic reference chart for the BFHN 0.5 coil head
[Image: 39WfkQ5.jpg]
..... the Batpack is so convenient...just imagine having to maybe take a plane trip where batteries become an issue (best example I can think of),simply take your Batpack and buy some AA batteries when you get to where your going! What an awesome little back-up to have. I also think it would be a great starter for someone wanting to quit smoking. They can get the benefits of high nicotine with some nic salt liquid . AA batteries have long been accepted as a safe power source so as a newbie vaper you would not have the worry of learning ohms laws or of buying the proper batteries. With The Batpack you also have no worries about settings,you simply put in your AA batteries,5 clicks of the power button turns it on and just press the button and vape away. The little tank will surprise you at how long the liquid will last you. There are 2 small restricted air flow holes at the base of the mouth piece allowing for great flavour with this mtl device. Personally I vape at around 50W but I am very satisfied with the draw on the Batpack. I would recommend it to any beginner and it's great for those times you need your nic-fix and big devices are not appropriate.
[Image: t6AWT6Q.jpg?2]
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Very nice images! Such a great looking device, even with those zany colours 8)
(05-20-2018, 02:44 PM)Vapeoholic Wrote:  Awesome Review Liz 微笑

Vapeo this is the only place I can figure out to post new thread to,feel free to move it to reviews if you know how 嗯 I have no clue 舌
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thanks Vapeoholic 心
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