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is it run by a bunch of Kids?
Not sure I will be doing anything on there much longer. I have done a few reviews on there really good experience & members that helped me out with formatting
today I did a review & 1st two comments putting review down . I pointed out the scroll wheel on the mouse & told them they could use it if they didn't like it. well he is a moderator & He threatened to delete post & lose my attitude stated I don't have an attitude & delete it if he wanted no worries well it is not getting deleted but I have gone from a good positive Karma now to Negative Karma. Guess it is good timing for me to be busy at work as I don't have time for reviews currently

It is very strange, i have never met such matter. You can try to the other forums. such as ELR, it is more friendly than Reddit.
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Reddit has always been a battleground for the forces of chaos and reason, previously reasonable areas are now controlled by power-drunk juveniles. 8(
I pretty much hate Reddit too. The community there is not much friendly. I had a great deal getting into Ecigtalk community too, but they seem to like me and my reviews now and my Rep is going up day by day. Don't let your spirits to go down from some punk kid's thirst for power.
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OK so it isn't just me LOL actually most comments to my reviews were positive & members were helpful it is the moderators I have issue with. & my spirits are good getting to old to let garbage like that bother me!

(05-08-2018, 07:19 PM)gfdeputy2 Wrote:  it is the moderators I have issue with. & my spirits are good getting to old to let garbage like that bother me!
It's happening when someone trigger-happy is getting the top position. I know quite a few guys quitting the reviews because of that. Not only reddit, but in general. Anyway, if you need some support on Reddit - just send me a link, I will come upvote and comment.
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I also no longer do reddit ,so no your not alone!
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Sorry to hear that. I don't care for Reddit either. Still don't understand the editing on it. And it's really hard to edit useing my phone.
Reddit post <3
an interesting part of this post has my research on ProCore coil compatibility

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Joyetech ProCore coils, are the standard coils for all the Joyetech ProCore Series tanks:

ProCD 0.15ohm Kanthal reticular (mesh) coil DL 40-80W
ProCA 0.4ohm Kanthal for DL 40-80W
ProC1 0.4ohm Kanthal for DL 40-80W
ProC1-S 0.25ohm Kanthal for MTL/DL 25-55W
ProC2 0.15ohm dual NiCr coil for DL 30-70W
ProC3 0.2ohm triple NiCr coil for DL 70-90W
ProC4 0.15ohm quad NiCr coil for DL 60-80W
done cosmic!
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