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Problems with flooding SS 0.5? New method to prevent spitback!
Here is another method to prevent spit back with the 0.5 SS316 in your eVic-VTC Mini with Cubis atomizer.
It works well for me and is easy to do each time I refill the tank.
Just refill the tank, important to tighten the cap firmly.
then insert a Q-Tip down the barrell till you hit bottom and feel a little resistance, the head of the Q-tip will be on the top of the coil.
now turn the device so the barrel is pointed down and swing so centrifugal force causes the excess juice to go up the barrel but the Q-Tip absorbs it.
reverse the Q-tip and do it again if the Q-tip is wet the 2nt time you can do it again with a fresh Q-tip, but that usually doesn't happen.
The first puff you may have a little popping but no spit back, and the 2nd puff is perfect!
You can do this with any coil and isn't messy at all except throwing away the Q-Tip. And is less complicated than the other methods.

See below for an even better method
I found an even better method for filling the tank and preventing spitback, I do this all the time and it works better than the above method.
After I remove the cap and before I have filled the tank, I take a Q tip and run it down the barrel and into the top of the inner vent pipe firmly. It helps to mash the end of the Q tip a bit so it will go into the vent pipe.
Then I fill the tank and screw the cap onto the tank with the q-tip in place. The Q-tip acts like a plug keeping positive pressure in the coil so juice does not flood the coil as much. after the cap is firmly screwed down in place and before i remove the q-tip, I swing the unit upside down to insure there is no extra bulk juice accumulated in the center of the coil. Then I remove the Q-tip and use the clean end in the barrel just to clean it up a bit.
The unit may still spit a tiny bit so i keep a paper towel handy to remove that from my lip/tongue. But this works well and there is very little problem compared to just filling and putting the cap on the tank.
This doesn't seem like it would work the way the vent works but it does.
Try this especially if you're having problems with the SS316 0.5 coils!


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