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Big Pharma Worried As Vaping Takes Top Spot In Quitting
Big Pharma Worried As Vaping Takes Top Spot In Quitting


Vaping has officially become the most popular way to quit smoking, and Big Pharma is worried.

According to an article from the Daily Caller, the University College of London conducted a study that showed one million smokers in England kicked smoking with the use of vaping products in 2015. That means that out of the 2.6 million people who kicked the habit last year, about 40 percent of them used vaping to do so.

Robert West, who is a professor of health psychology at University College London and associated with a similar study, done in 2014, remarked at the impact vaping has had on those who have been wanting to quit smoking.

“Their impact on public health at present comes from attracting people who would otherwise have tried to stop without any useful form of support,” West was quoted as saying. His study focused on the nearly one million people who used vaping to quit smoking in 2014.

West noted that vaping significantly increased the long-term rate of success of quitting smokers, moving the percentage from five percent to 7.5 percent.

The studies proving vaping’s effectiveness has been a boon for the vaping public and pro-vaping advocates. But it has not fared so well in the eyes of the pharmaceutical companies that create and sell the nicotine products that are traditionally used to quit smoking.

Why is this a problem for Big Pharma? Because only slightly more than 25 percent of people in England who tried to quit last year — roughly half a million — used licensed nicotine products, which are sold by pharmaceutical companies. That means that Big Pharma lost a good amount of money to the vaping industry, and they can only expect to lose more money as vaping gains strength as a viable alternative to smoking.

And the claims that Big Pharma is engaging in misinformation campaigns aimed at strict regulation of vaping — or bans on vaping in general — have only gained steamed in recent years. In 2014, a set of emails were made public that showed one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies lobbying for extensive regulation on vaping.

Sophie Crousse, the vice president of European public affairs for Glaxo Smith Kline’s consumer healthcare division, was quoted in the emails as saying, “We believe in responsible and proportionate regulation for all nicotine-containing products as medicinal products.”

And while studies backed by Big Pharma and Big Tobacco continue to make headlines, vaping advocates have come together to create a documentary aimed at unearthing the claims by these behemoths. A Billion Lives, slated for release later this year, is described as an expose aimed at looking at how and why Big Pharma and its allies are trying to eliminate vaping.

For all those in the vaping community, the push-back from Big Pharma is a sign that we’re heading in the right direction — away from Big Tobacco and towards a healthier and safer alternative. As vaping becomes more mainstream and accepted, the fight to regulate it is heating up, so stay tuned for more vaping news.

Read the full article at Linkedin: Big Pharma Worried As Vaping Takes Top Spot In Quitting
i live in the US and the FDA is trying to basically ruin vaping with their rules and regulations

Directory US House of Rep's
Directory US Senate…/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm

Well I just hope they have the dealers card the buyers to make sure they are of age to purchase vape products, and in my opinion the juice bottles should have a warning label like "toxic, do not drink. contains nicotine which is addictive."
I'm sure that there will be fees (because there greedy) so permits will be required to sell vape supplies. But I'm thinking that vaping will completely eliminate ciggs, like the cell phone will eliminate home phones.
So I am for some regulation on the industry, just so they don't go overboard on it. I already keep my vape supplies and juice out of the reach of grandchildren, but I bet there are some parents who give there juice bottles to their kids to teethe on.
It is not just about age & warning labels if this goes though Vaping is done in the USA 99% of the vaping products will be banned in the USA No juice, Mods, tanks ect... only cigalikes will be legal

It will cost all manufacturers about 1 million dollars for each product to apply with no guarantee that the product will pass
so in other words for Joyetech it would mean a million dollars each to apply for each mod & each tank
Juice manufacturers it will be even worse they consider each flavor at each Nic level a different product so one flavor in 4 different Nic levels will cost them 4 million to apply

Yes, it is certainly related to money--not public health. These regulators care about one thing and one thing only--money. I actually read a couple interesting articles regarding this topic here:
I have no recall from my entire life about anything similar that has been persecuted so persistantly than is vaping. Import, sales and technical restructions are being issued without any prove or basis vaping being a danger for individuals. Even the opposite, many health professionals agree there is no health concern of relevance.
Vaping is a CULTURE changer. It has affected health care, the tobacco industry, big pharmaceutical companies, it has basically given birth to a new sub-culture. It's effect on the world is close to that of a car that runs on no gas or free electricity for all. Yes the US government absolutely want's there cut, They tax cigs already and who knows what they charge the tobacco companies to legally sell poison to all. I am worried that greed will get in the way of progress, but if they force vaping to go underground than underground it will go, but it will not go AWAY.

Vape on.......
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