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Coil Lock Question
I Lock the coil when the device has cooled to room temperature for each mode I use on my eVic-VTC Mini, I notice today I have the coil locked at 0.16Ω in Temp mode, and 0.15Ω in TCR mode. This poll asks about how the coil lock feature should work on all Joyetech devices. This poll is intended to allow Joyetech to see what you the users want to see in the devices and not to criticize Joyetech devices. Please take time to make a selection on this poll and comment what your thoughts are below. Avoid revealing your choice in your comment so pollers will be uninfluenced.
Coil Lock Feature
(13 votes total)
The coil lock feature should be removed, I don't use it.
3 (23.1%)
It should only lock for the current operation mode only.
3 (23.1%)
If I lock the coil it should lock for all modes throughout the device.
7 (53.8%)

Locking the coil's resistance should be possible without going through a menue. As an example, the Yihi chips lock the coil on press of + / -.
I would like to see the lock option removed and in its place an adjustable initial resistance that locks to where it is set.
not fully adjustable of course but allow for small changes for fine tuning to compensate for poor connections in tanks etc.
also the device reads your coil before it is completely screwed on most of my tanks read 0.27 or 0.28 on a coil FLUKE metered
@ 0.25 ohms. So I have been compensating for it by raising my TCR, I run my dual coil SS TFV4 at a TCR of 150 with the temp set
at 350f to 400f.
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One should have the possibility to remeasure the coil's resistance upon locking.


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