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eGrip II GIVEAWAY on Joyetech Facebook is on!
Just a quick reminder, Joyetech Facebook is now running the eGrip II GIVEAWAY.

Should you didn't notice it, just enter to win:

Good luck guys.

[Image: eGrip_II_Kit_01.png]
Like a silver one! 心 心 心
Seen the post shared and liked it. The concept of this divice is the best idea I have see 舌 it is a true all in one divice and would love to see how it performs 微笑
Looks awesome!
SIGN UP, I can't sign up because I don't want my grandchildren to find out my wife and I are vaping(there 6 & 8 and facebook 微笑 ).

I got caught when I was 10 swiping my dad's ciggs, he made my mother start buying me cartons. Now I'm old and have to sneak more to vape.
come si partecipa grazie a tutti
(05-22-2016, 09:17 PM)Massimobibi Wrote:  come si partecipa grazie a tutti

Hai appena fatto! ma spero che si può tradurre i messaggi in inglese, questo è la lingua principale nel forum social.joyetech. E dare il benvenuto qui 微笑
SS please 大咧嘴 心


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