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Joyetech ProCore Air Plus Launching
(04-05-2018, 09:17 AM)bey1012 Wrote:  I know they need too. But the baby beast coils fit and are ss

?? Smok TFV8 X-Baby Tank ??
What coils match the ProCore coils?
My local vape store suggested some Smok coils, but I insisted on genuine Joyetech and had them order an assortment of ProC coils.
These are beautiful tanks and would love to try them, Just the larger bubbled glass to increase the tank volume is great, but the beautiful colored glass is tremendous and quite beautiful. I'm a little afraid if I knock the mod over if the glass would break, but a vape band might prevent that.

Also I find it hard to believe you all are saying that MTL is impossible on these tanks, just put in the ProC-1 Coil, reduce the Wattage to a low setting and reduce the airflow to the minimum. I have no problem getting a MTL puff from any of my tanks.

One question though on the size of this beauty, is it 25mm glass diameter? or is it 25mm on the base of the tank? the image on the Joyetech ProCore Air web page is not clear:
[Image: ProCore_Air_Plus_03.png]

The image might indicate the dimension is the diameter of the glass bubble

[Image: 93Tj6c5.jpg]
Going by the last graphic, 25mm is indeed the size of the glass at it's widest. A bit confusing as they omit the tank base measurement ...


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