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VT Software to Upgrade eGrip II
This VT software is for upgrading your eGrip II to the latest Firmware Version.
Your temperature control device will be always up to date because of upgradeable firmware.

[Image: eGrip_II_Kit_17.png]

Up till now, we have released two Versions for eGrip II: V4.02 and V4.03.

Here to check: VT Software to Upgrade eGrip II

Have you ever tried it?

Any ideas or suggestions will be great!

[Image: eVic-VTC_V3.03.png]
Could'nt we get an analog watch face as a screensaver in a new FW? It would be more useful, with more info on the screen, and maybe a second, larger logo aswell (64x82 in my example).

[Image: XbU1k1Dl.png]

[Image: LCpJKo9.png]


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