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New Firmware for Cuboid/Cuboid Mini/eVic-VTC Mini Launching News
New Firmware for Cuboid/Cuboid Mini/eVic VTC Mini Launching News
Along With Updating Logs for eGrip II

Dear all,

Joyetech just released new Firmware Version for Cuboid (V3.03/V3.13), Cuboid Mini (V3.03), eVic VTC Mini (V3.03).

We added the new Game Mode in order to bring more fun to you. There we have Easy, Normal and Hard levels for you to choose.

[Image: egrip2_Software_01.png]

Also, for the eGrip II, there are V4.02 and V4.03 for option. If you don't want Game Mode, you can downgrade to V4.02.

For more information about this upgrading, please enter:

Joyetech Marketing
May 4, 2016

Did not expect this.
They will be in the next update EVIC VTC Mini clock?
Whoever writes your firmware is a mad genius.
Good menu access to get to game

The game is a good time waster.
Please next the option for clock!
Stalking DHL and the Deutsche Post daily.....
I am getting an error, the file size is correct but it says the file is empty or corrupt.

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(05-04-2016, 09:05 PM)CosmicTruth Wrote:  I am getting an error, the file size is correct but it says the file is empty or corrupt.
Can confirm that error, I get an error message while expanding the "Win" .zip files for all devices. 困惑
Same here. I get an error when I triy to open the zipfile. If I try to extract files from the zipfile, it tells me that it's empty.

What now?

And the clock would really be nice, too.
(05-04-2016, 09:51 PM)Quelvik Wrote:  And the clock would really be nice, too.
And if we already had a clock we could see that all the busy and hardworking software engineers are asleep now. 瞌睡
But in a few hours they will wake up, hurry to work and hopefully fix that error.  大咧嘴
vtc mini for windows is good


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