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eVic Series Evic supreme battery case wobbles

When Joyetech started selling the eVic Supreme I finally decided to buy one. So now that I have the new eVic-S and the Delta tank for it I've got two problems which might be related, might not. The first problem is that the battery case wobbles. When it's fully tightened down (and I mean tightened by hand, not by a gorilla!) the battery case is fine in one direction, but 90deg. and it's wobbling, which does not give me a real good feeling! The other problem is that if I try and tighten the Delta tank I get a message that says something along the lines of "Atomizer Short", but if I loosen the tank by just 1/16" or so it works fine. Has anyone else had anything like either of these problems?
Hello, Oscar Oliveira. Thanks for your supports to joyetech.
You may sent emails to:
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Hi Oscar,
Just noticed that the battery tube on my eVic Supreme also wobbles, but only if I grab it and shake it mildly. It seams like it doesn't screw all the way, even if I try forcing it (with non gorilla hands 舌 )    


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