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Consolidate all the cool custom logos in one spot.
(05-02-2016, 10:51 AM)CosmicTruth Wrote:  I make a motion, we need a space, either in Joyetech social by the handcheck, or maybe an ftp space, where we could upload the good working custom logo's. Not a spot to ask why they don't work, or can you make me one. Just a spot for our own working custom logo's. here is a teaser what I might upload...

[Image: WhatMeWorry.jpg]

If it is a thread it would have to be closely moderated to remove those posts asking for assistance or asking to have a logo created. and it would be cool if the rules was to insert a jpg or png into the post to see the image, as well as a .bmp link to download it, and possibly even a picture of the mod with the logo so we could see that it is infact a working logo. That way folks could browse the forum and see little jpg pictures in the post, then if they wanted it they could save the bmp to put on there mod with no worries.

any seconds?

I'll second CT's motion


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