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CosmicTruth Look at the Joyetech ESPION Solo with ProCore Air
In 2003 the modern e-cigarette was invented by a 52 year old Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik as an alternative to smoking.

In 2006 and 2007 electronic cigarettes were introduced in Europe and US markets. Joyetech was founded in December 2007, and developed its first product in September of 2008: the Joye 510.

In 2010 Joyetech introduced the revolutionary Joye eGo-T series vaporizer. They were sold with a clear atomizer tank in a starter kit; they offered an easily recharged battery cell with a user-activated push button switch.

Those early devices led the way to change the vaping industry to what it is today. Clearomizer style tanks on eGo batteries became the best-selling e-cigarette around the world in 2011.

Those simple first devices have evolved into the electronic e-cigarettes and regulated MODS in use today. In 2018 Joyetech continues being an industry leader and an advocate for safe vaping with their technologically advanced and reliable e-cigarettes, vaporizers, vape pens and regulated box mods.

Why the history?
Here is the:

Joyetech 10th Anniversary Limited Edition ESPION Solo, Organic Light Emitting Diode Touchscreen, TC MOD, with ProCore Air Atomizer, Featuring the newly released ProC A coil.

Here is the view from the device as we opened the box…
[Image: xgM81Zl.jpg]

The Dazzling colored kit came with a 21700 removable 4000mAh battery. This is the first Joyetech MOD that uses this battery. It is longer than an 18650 battery, but my i4 intellicharger accepted it and charged it up in an hour, the charge time was the same on USB. The 21700 battery lasted 2 days use and over 400 puffs on one full charge of the battery. The SOLO also comes with an 18650 battery adapter.

My wife has abducted my kit, now I’m trying to convince her it’s ours and she should share.

[Image: 9Cv3CPR.jpg]
The device has a magnetic battery cover and no visible screws outside the case. There are only 2 small vent holes on the bottom of the case. The USB port for charging and firmware updates is nicely positioned low on the front of the device.
[Image: 45YfyFv.jpg]

The device has a great 1.3” OLED touchscreen display; we could actually read the display in sunlight! There are only 2 buttons, a fire button and a lock/unlock button. All the controls are performed on the touchscreen through the new menu system. Unlock the MOD and adjust, or swipe to access the status and menu.

[Image: TRWc8Jd.jpg]
Screen locked for normal operation.

[Image: tLOKk0Q.jpg]
Screen unlocked to adjust wattage or access the status and settings menus.

[Image: EImdZAg.jpg]
The new menu system on the SOLO was difficult at first but after I read the instructions it was no problem, DOUUUGH. Press the unlock button to change Wattage on the main screen, or swipe to enter the menu system to change modes settings, or get device information. Set the clock using 24 hour time to get AM/PM correct, swipe back to make the change because the fire or lock button seems to abort the change. You cannot lock the coil except for TC and TCR modes, not Wattage mode. Also the menu’s Wattage setting only affects the Watts in TC modes, not VW mode operation. To change the Wattage for VW mode, just use the main screen.

[Image: rmsnqxt.jpg]
The various screens are the Power, RTC, Status, Menu, Mode, Set 1, and Set 2 screens. To access the settings 2nd screen swipe up from the setting 1 screen.

[Image: kVtkpyc.jpg]
The device modes that can be selected are: Power, RTC (Real Time Clock digital or analog display), TC (supporting Ni, Ti and SS) and also TCR (with 3 programmable storage registers) and Bypass.

[Image: iIvaZ4I.jpg]
The Solo kit comes with a 4.5ml ProCore Air Atomizer which measures 25mm X 56mm (or 1” X 2.2”); there is an optional TPD compliant 2ml version of the tank available that measures 22mm X 49mm (or 0.9” X 1.9”).
The Air tank (ha-ha) has a newly designed Top Cap with a Slide to fill design.
[Image: bJaRL8M.jpg]

To be continued...

The Joyetech Air uses all the ProC coil heads ProC1, ProC1-S, ProC2, ProC3, ProC4, and the newly released ProCA. You should have no problem finding the exact coil for your vaping enjoyment. Personally I enjoy all of the ProC coils I have tried, but I have tended to use the ProC1 in my other tanks. The new ProCA coil has a little smaller wire coil diameter and maybe a little more cotton and is becoming my new favorite. I have just been using Wattage mode, the Air delivers great flavor and vapor and runs cool at 55W.

[Image: uICw7DB.jpg]

The complete ProC coil line now includes:

ProCA 0.4ohm Kanthal for DL 40-80W
ProC1 0.4ohm Kanthal for DL 40-80W
ProC1-S 0.25ohm Kanthal for MTL/DL 25-55W
ProC2 0.15ohm dual NiCr coil for DL 30-70W
ProC3 0.2ohm triple NiCr coil for DL 70-90W
ProC4 0.15ohm quad NiCr coil for DL 60-80W

Suggested Wattage Range:
[Image: tnojAFO.jpg]

We love the dense flavorful vapor. And also the large easy to read touch screen and improved menu, as well as the built in safety features and advanced capabilities. It’s nice to be able to swipe to the status screen and see the battery, time, wattage (or temperature) the coil’s ohms and puff counter all on one screen.
[Image: gdVULjB.jpg]

The Information screen is also a nice addition so you can see the battery voltage and the device’s software and hardware versions with just a swipe and a touch.
[Image: hVDWGBJ.jpg]

I don’t miss the “new coil?” warning, I’m sort of glad to see that absent on the Solo. There is plenty of safety protections built into it including Atomizer short-circuit, No atomizer, Weak battery, Low power, Atomizer low, TC cutoff, and Device overheat.

Mod + Tank size: 25.5mm X 39.5mm X 132.5mm (or 1" X 1.6" X 5.2") (4.5ml version)
25.5mm X 39.5mm X 126.0mm (or 1" X 1.6" X 5") (2.0ml version)
Available Colors: Black, Gunmetal, Peachy Pink, Dazzling Rainbow
Screen type: 1.3 inch OLED touchscreen
Screen size: 64 X 128 pixels
Output wattage: 1-80W
Output mode: Power/RTC/Bypass/TC (Ni, Ti, SS316)/TCR modes
E-liquid capacity: 4.5ml or 2.0ml (2ml TPD optional)
Resistance range: 0.05-1.5ohm for TC/TCR mode
0.1-3.5ohm for Power mode
Temperature range: 100-315°C = 200-600°F

ProCore Air Specifications:
Tank size: ProCore Air 25.0mm*56.0mm (4.5ml)
ProCore Air 22.0mm*49.0mm (2.0ml optional)
Colors: Black, Gunmetal, Peachy Pink, Dazzling Rainbow
Capacity: 4.5ml/2.0ml (TPD 2ml optional)
Applicable heads: ProC series heads
Atomizer head included: ProCA (0.4ohm) X2

[Image: bzyGES8.jpg]
Kit Contents:
1 X AVB 21700 battery (included)
1 X ProCore Air Atomizer 4.5ml (optional TPD 2ml)
2 X ProCA (0.4ohm) head
1 X 18650 battery adaptor sleeve
1 X Spare Glass tube
1 X Spare Mouthpiece
1 X QC USB cable
1 X Manual for ESPION Solo
1 X Manual for ProCore Air
1 X Warranty card
2 X Battery Safety warning card
1 X Package of spare parts

[Image: hZHjX9F.jpg]
21700 battery powered, or 18650 with adapter.

I Like:
Beautiful paint & finish.
Great vapor and flavor.
Colorful and Attractive Wide Bore Drip tip.
EZ fill sliding top cap.
Perfectly sized.
Not large.
Well built.
No rattles.
Quick turn on and vape
Quick change battery and vape
Easy to read display.
Well positioned and sized Fire Button.
Quiet click fire button with firm spring.
Well located tactile unlock button.
Touch screen.
Automatic touchscreen lock on fire button press.
Status and Information Screens.
Operates on a single 18650 battery (with included adapter) or single 21700 battery.
21700 battery lasts 2 days per charge.
Uniform power curve, it hits strong even when the battery is weak.
Pass through charging and firmware upgradable.
Special 10th anniversary Joyetech Limited Edition.

I Wish:
I really cannot think of much I dislike about this kit.
I wish it came with a TC Coil; the device supports Ni (Nickel), Ti (Titanium) and SS (Stainless steel). But it only comes with 2 ProCA Coils that are made with Kanthal, and the other ProC coils available are either Kanthal or Nichrome.
I wish the menu was even more informative, I’m sure Joyetech will keep working on the menu system for future firmware updates and devices. I want even more information, and for it to tell me when I touch something wrong.
I wish the device would pause longer with the temporary information on the screen between puffs. That pause is now about 2 or 3 seconds to see how long the last puff or maximum last puff amps were, and I’d like a little longer delay.

[Image: 4dgAiTj.jpg]
Joyetech 10th Anniversary Limited Edition ESPION Solo with ProCore Air!

[Image: i6VaJ1m.jpg]
great job! 心 I hope I get that good some day!
微笑  smoke free since January 2014 ?微笑
(03-25-2018, 10:46 AM)liz Wrote:  great job!  心 I hope I get that good some day!

Thank you for the positive feedback 微笑
Great review and images, wish they would get them to the UK sometime soon!
No I didn't as I hoped they may offer one in a kit at Joyetech uk. Thank you, very much!
(03-25-2018, 02:49 PM)Ippolit Wrote:  Great review and images, wish they would get them to the UK sometime soon!

Thank you, I think Joyetech US will not be releasing them until April 7th. Most dealers will have to wait until April 15. The batteries are just now becoming available.
(03-25-2018, 10:46 PM)Vapeoholic Wrote:  
(03-25-2018, 06:14 PM)Ippolit Wrote:  No I didn't as I hoped they may offer one in a kit at Joyetech uk. Thank you, very much!

Think they will be selling them with or without the battery 微笑

My sample came with a battery pre-installed with a stick on insulator on the negative end to make it safe to ship. I would suggest purchasing the kit with an included battery and the Air atomizer, this is IMO the best device package available of any brand. The Air is fantastic and the 21700 battery lasts 2 days and 400 puffs!

Thanks again for all the positive feedback on my review.

I have also posted this review in text format on reddit at please take the time to visit that post and give it a +1 to keep the post on top of the list of reviews there!
Feedback greatly appreciated!
Thank you very much.
The Solo review is not so well formatted on Reddit, but it has all the information and needs love too 微笑
+1 reddit at


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