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FIXED: CUBIS Spitting & Burning Coil Issue
I just take the driptip off, turn the atomizer upside down with a piece of paper towel over the hole and swing it swiftly a few times after refilling and it gurgles or if I 'over prime' a new coil and it gurgles. (test without firering) all the excess juice is in the paper towel and the cubis do not gurgle or spit anything afterwards, and you are sure new coils are properly primed.

I never had any problems with re flooding, contrary I find it works every time, with every type of coil. and its pretty easy compared to the long guide in the OP.
sorry stinger but you mentioned ridicules, I am going to hold my words on your diy 'solution' pic compared to the simple trick others and I use. 眨眼

you have a point though if joyetech reversed the way the air intake works so clockwise (the way you tighten it) lowered the intake instead of opening it and it closed shut it should fix things.


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