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Joyetech eGo AIO ECO - Ippolit
Joyetech EGO AIO ECO Review

I received the tasteful grey & white version, suits me well; I don’t like multicoloured tech stuff. I won’t go into the specifications they are well covered elsewhere, I’ll focus on my experience instead.

Quickly unpacked, charged up within 30 minutes too using the supplied USB cable. Well constructed, as you would expect from Joyetech, a solid feel despite it’s very small size. Half filled with 40/60 zero nic double menthol, one drop in the coil to prime as advised in the brief but comprehensive instructions and then 5 minutes wait before using. Whilst waiting I cycled through the various LED illumination colours, they are not over bright and suit the discreet nature of the ECO, I settled on a blue/white that matches the grey. and white exterior finish.

I didn’t know which tip had been supplied, apparently there are two, for DL and MTL. So I had a first try with MTL; very good flavour for such a low powered device, I was very surprised! It did gurgle a lot and crackled a little. I had to pop out so stood it up in the jar that also contains my Ego AIO.

An hour later I gave it another pull, MTL - and found that the draw was very tight, suddenly there was a gurgle and I had juice in my mouth, not pleasant!

Had a look inside and saw that there was liquid in the chimney. I used a screwed up tissue to remove most of it and tried again, same problem. Drained and tried thicker liquid in case it was wicking too fast, same problem.

Next day I had the time to have a closer look, the chimney was very flooded so I drained the tank removed the coil, attached the drip tip to it and blew hard wiping off the liquid that came out of the end and the air vents on the tip, I repeated that until it stopped releasing the flood. It seemed liquid was collecting in the air vent channel concentric to the chimney, this explained the gurgles, the tight draw and the sudden nasty taste. You can see the slots in the top of the coil that form the air channel in the photo.

After refilling it now operates perfectly, so added my expensive CBD liquid to the tank. I found that it will work with my preferred DL technique now that the air channel is clear, so maybe I have a DL tip. Good vapour, intense flavour too! The battery does seem to last a very long time, ideal for a day out.

Overall, once the initial problem was overcome, I find it to be a very useful discreet vape, so tiny yet powerful. A great addition to my collection!

Many thanks Joyetech!


great review Ippolit ...I to had the gurgling issue but I think its all in getting use to a new device...mine has not done it a second time...its all part of the learning I guess! I agree its especially perfect for 'out and about'!
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Nice review Ippolit



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