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Firmware V6.07 to Upgrade eVic Primo Mini
Dear All,

Change log for V6.07
Bug fix and system optimization. Suggest updating to achieve the best vaping experience.

You can update your device via VT software(V6.07).

Keep focusing on us and make your eVic Primo Mini always up to date.
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Updated in 30 seconds, perfect thanks!
done ! now if I could only figure out how to ''spring ahead'' the clock time both on this and my cuboid lite....think I might have to dig out the books!
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Good point! I've forgotten to do that only twice in my life ... that was enough. I guess we have to set the time all over again.
I'm curious....ever since I did the update my primo mini is getting very hot. just the mod ,not the battery,. I using proC4 at 50w ,just like I've always done but after about 5 mins it gets extremely hot. Have any of you experienced this since the update?
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I don't use that much power so no, but it's important to check that the battery terminals top and bottom are clean and that the terminals in the Mini are clean too. High resistance somewhere can cause over heating. If they are a bit grotty use a clean and dry fabric cloth to give the battery ends a rub, inside the Mini is a little harder, try a cotton bud.

Also check that the battery door is closing correctly and that the terminals on it are seated correctly. There have been reports of problems in that area, if the other cleaning does not work I can re-find the link to a fix for you.

Finally, take off the tank and check the 510 connector, that can get sticky, clean that ( after removing the battery) and the tank screw. Make sure that the 510 stud is still "springy" and not stuck down.
PS: re the battery door, I looked at my Primo and remembered the details of the issue that some have had. Take the battery out, close the door and look at the bottom of the mod - there is a tiny screw next to the battery door hinge on the bottom of the device that's inline with the USB port on the side. A T5 TORX driver is required, tighten it.

If you don't have such a screwdriver, take the Mini to your local vape shop, they will have one 8)
thanks Ippolit, but everything is clean as a whistle,and tight,and dry. I baby all my mods like you wouldn't believe. And yes I'm a chain vaper ,but a very careful one 大咧嘴 but everything is the same as before the update except the mod gets hot since the update,the battery is perfectly cool. I just thought maybe someone else might of had this happen too. thanks for trying
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Ah dear, must be a deeper fault. I guess you have already tried with a different tank and coil? Maybe an email to Joyetech support is the next step.

I'm the same with any kit, mollycoddled is the word!

Good luck.


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