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Hello Joyetech and Joyetech fans/customers!

It is very embarrassing for me to complain about behaviour of "certified" seller of Joyetech products in Czech Republic, but I have to share my experience with You. Last year, on 5th November I have bought through my friend's account via eshop several products, besides other things silver clearomizer Delta (23). After the unpacking the clearomizer I saw that 2 airflow holes are badly worked - they were curved and after vaporing of about 3 ml of liquid, the liquid started to flow through one air hole outside.

Because I am accustomed for higher quality of Joyetech products and these things can happen in huge production of Your products, I claimed this thing in brick-and-mortar shop in Olomouc (local branch of eshop). After several days I received a statement that the clearomizer is OK and I use it with wrong and low-powered device. I used it with eVic supreme, 21.5 W - the first ten puffs I realised with voltage under 4 V and then I increased setting by small degrees to 21.5 W so I didn't understand to this statement. After other vaporing attempt the same thing happened - after consumption of a half clearomizer capacity, the liquid started to flow through air hole outside. So in December 2014 I claimed this thing in brick-and-mortar shop in Olomouc for the second time. In January 2015 I was contacted by the salesman that my Delta is ready for picking up. The salesman said that the atomizer base was replaced. I picked my Delta up and after unpacking the box I was shocked - air holes was repaired with file or something and the regulation ring was full of scratches on its surface. Because it was the second time of warranty claiming I decided to write an email to sales representative Jan Válek. I wrote this email on 31st January 2015 and the same day I received the answer - Jan Válek promised that he will find the details about this case and he will contact me. Till now Jan Válek hasn't contacted me...

I am very sad because I have three more Joyetech products (eGo-C, eGo-CC, eGo ONE) and I am looking forward to receive eGrip (I was chosen in new facebook giveaway activity on 3rd March). I am really satisfied with Joytech products and I really like Joyetech products, but I had bad luck with Delta.

Because I have bought 5 pieces of C3 atomizer heads and my eVic supreme is "unemployed" now, I would like to ask if Joytech distribute some spare parts - I believe that new atomizer base will solve the problem. I can't find separate atomizer base for Delta clearomizer in Czech republic anywhere.

Thank You for Your answers and I apologize for my bad English...
Dear friend,
Thank you for your support for Joyetech.
The problem you discussed is already under solved. Thank you very much!


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