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Let's talk about the eGo AIO
(04-09-2016, 07:01 PM)idtzoli Wrote:  Hey Joyetech,

I've been using the AIO for more than two weeks now, I'm gonna send you my feedback.

I'm not a hardcore vaper, I find your products very easy to use and I love the simplicity of it.
I've used the 901, 510, eRoll, eGo One and eGo One Mini before.
It's the best device out of the 5 mentioned, hands down.

Refilling this device is awesome, I like the childproof cap, the big tank, no special needles needed. Kudos for this.
The atomizer is more powerful and it's a miles better than on eGo One. I really like the taste. At first it had a metallic taste, but it's all gone now.
The spiral tip is another great feature, I had 0 spitbacks with it.
The button feels very great, I hope it lasts more than on the eGo One. Both my eGo One and eGo One Mini had the same problem, the button wear out very quickly and it become unusable.
Battery wise the AIO is awesome, I don't know how you could fit a 1500 mAH battery there, the size is only a bit bigger than the eGO One Mini, which has half the power. It keeps me vaping for a day, no worries two charge it twice a day.
The LED and the juice control window is the best. I had problems with first gen eGO One device, I couldn't tell how much juice I have in there, the eGO One Mini had a larger window, but still in low light conditions it wouldn't tell how much juice it has. The AIO Solved both of the problems, large window for daylight, and LED light in the night. I've never burnt my atomizer with this device.
The coloring is the cheap one used on eRoll devices, it comes off very quickly. I hope in the next version you will use the same coloring method as with the eGo One Mini, I don't mind the extra bucks for this. Also more colors would be welcome. I loved my skyblue eGo One Mini.
I feel like the airflow makes minimum difference in my vaping experience. I've always used my eGo One on maximum , but at eGo AIO I don't feel the difference. Once or twice a day I set it to maximum, but it always spins in other direction in my pocket, and I can't even tell that it is on minimum.
Sometimes my juice is coming to my mouth, soon I will purchase a BF SS head, I hope it solves the problem, with more wicking.
When the device is low on juice, I have to refill it. On the eGo One I could vape until there were no juice left in it, but on the AIO when it has cca. 0.5 ml it already has a bad taste.

I don't wanted this post to be negative it has it's cons and the little annoyances, but it's the best device for starters and for simple vapers like me.

Happy vaping everyone.
Thank you for your feedback, hope you really enjoy it. 微笑
(04-08-2016, 10:57 AM)bey1012 Wrote:  if i ever get the chance i would get one and would like to try that mouthpiece. 微笑 微笑
Then we'd love to hear from you too. 大咧嘴
(04-08-2016, 05:57 PM)gfdeputy2 Wrote:  Should add on the airflow question too easy to control
I like it as in the mornings & evenings I actually use a tighter draw then I do Midday. I feel there should be more resistance on the adjustment
all in all the AIO is a great setup for a very reasonable price
Thanks for your thoughts. 微笑
My wife's eyes are not great so she can't quite see the little dots on the airflow, so I darkened the little dots with a marker so she can almost see it. I showed her how to draw through it while turning the airflow to get it where she wants it, she runs it wide open heh. She LOVES the color changing ability so she can set it to her favorite color. We are mostly a Joyetech family and love your products, I wish i could afford one of each.


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