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Wow just did a review on the AIO then I see the Cuboid Mini
That looks incredible. As soon as I can get my hands on one I will do a review on that as well!

ya just seen it too it is incredible looking and i like the new tank design and i would still like to see a matching RDA
Agree with the RDA
Joyetech should have a pre-buy membership discount for Joyetech social members LOL

ya that would be nice too or even a way to have custom devices
That would be cool too Heck even if there were models with Joyetech social on them
I just picked up the Augvape Boreas what a great RTA

never heard of that tank lol but i finally got a velocity rda 舌 and see the tank is got the same build deck might be something i like 舌
yes velocity comes with 2 decks & holds about 8ML of juice

i would really like to see the cubis tank with a velocity like deck i'm sure it could be done lol
That would be cool!
this is my first real venture into coil building I have tried the RBA on my crowns & one on my TFV4 but they were both a pain so I decided to try an RTA SO glad the Velocity style deck is so easy
running a pair of Claptons 26 gage .25 Ohm

ya i run a pair of parallel coils at .12


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