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Cuboid displaying atomizer short
try removing the battery and put it back in. 天使
I recently purchased the cuboid mini and i got the atomizer short message. I was using the atomizer it came with, then replaced it with a certified (new) notchcoil and recieved the same message. I made sure both atomizers where securely on, still no luck. Im going to try to switch the Eliquid to see if that might be the cause. Does anyone has a solution to this issue?
Did you power the device off when you were changing the coil?

Hard to believe the problem being the e-lquid. But did you try a dry tank with a new coil, and then check if it gives you the error? Adjust power mode 7 W and pulse it briefly, no long presses.
I upgraded the firmware and the atomizer short problem went away... back in action, but not sure how it happened after using it for 4-5 months. I'm using the Crius RTA
I have just arrived to the last mission, but when I capture the first catapult it doesnt mind which one the game crashes and exits to windows.

Does anyone knows why is that happening?

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