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2016-January/February month Stars-louiesquared and FixYourLan
Hey guys,

It's our Star Time again. Special thanks to @bey1012 for your kind reminding.

January Star goes to louiesquared!
February Star goes to FixYourLan!


This time, the prize will be the new eGo AIO.
Please send me your mailing address to so that we can arrange the shipment.
[Image: eGo_AIO_04.png]

We really appreciate all your kind support for Joyetech Social.

Please stay tuned and take active part in our daily discussion. You can be the next month star.
congrats to both the winners 微笑 微笑 微笑
Here is good place to win giveaways.

But I really wish I could win a eGo AIO, love its LED colors and all-in-one.
Congratulations louiesquared & FixYourLan!
Congratulations you two.
Just a quick reminder, I still haven't received email from louiesquared. Please send me your mailing address. Thank you. 微笑
Information Sent.

Thank you so much! I've been looking forward to trying out the AIO.
Congrats to both you lucky stars!
微笑  smoke free since January 2014 ?微笑
I received my AIO a couple days ago. For how small it is I'm pretty impressed. I tried it with one of the supplied coils and it does a great job for mouth to lung vaping. It took about a quarter of a tank to break in and produce a nice flavorful vapor. I modified the second coil by removing the little top cover. It performs surprisingly well for direct lung hits. It doesnt produce massive clouds but they are still respectable and the flavor is great. I will have to give it a week or two in order to see how the coils hold up. All in all I would reccomend it to anybody looking for a simple and compact device.

Thanks Again Kermit and Joyetech
That's awesome I just bought one today I am pretty impressed also again Congratulations to both of you


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