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Cuboid Skin Launching
Dear all,

Joyetech just launched a new accessory to go with the Cuboid—Cuboid Skin.

Cuboid Skin, hugs your device with care to prevent scraping.
Made with high quality silicone rubber specifically for your Cuboid, it feels smooth in your hand.
Its beautiful and easy-to-use design makes it look more fashionable.

Check it out for detailed information about the Cuboid Skin.

Joyetech Group
Feb. 29, 2016

[Image: Cuboid_Skin_01.jpg]
Great looking sleeves Love the one for my Vtwo Mini. I just wish that the sleeve covered the USB port.
From a Mind of Metal, Flowing Electrons

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You can get them for many mods, good for work or activities as they are non-slip, I do find that they pick up dust though 8)
Ah gotcha. I looked but couldn't find one either.
Sorry the user you were speaking with deleted her posts.
I used the silicone sleeve on my VTC Mini for use in the field when I was surveying, so I think they work great keeping the dust and mud off the MOD. Some of the newer devices like the Cuboid Lite and Cuboid Pro you were discussing have such a large display that a skin may not work well.


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