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Cuboid display problem

warming up this thread again 微笑
I have the same problem and after reading a bit through the internet I figured out it happened with many people while using the USB port while smoking. Somehow the whole display unit is broke by now. I can fire it up though, but it seems to be set on a very high wattage and I can't lower it either. Did anybody figure out how to fix it here? Or is it possible to get spare parts for repairing myself? Emailsupport wasn't really able to help me yet. I allready tried resetting the firmware and I also updated to different firmwares while holding +. Nothing helped.

best regards
I have had mine for about 3 weeks then mine did the same thing. Not sure why or what to do and sorry hasn't gotten back with me. Hell my post is still waiting approval. This is fat becoming my last joyetech item. Funny my mod that is half the price is still kicking.
Any news from service in your case?
I am having the same issue please if there is a fix someone tell me


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