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What Is Wrong With Cubis and Cuboid?
Alright I got the new cubis from the mail today.

I've been using for few years RDA's now and wanted to try a tank so it would be easier to use at work and school.

I am using the currently the 0.5 ohm coil (ss316) it works flawless in when using power (wattages). If I use the stainless steel mode ss316 in cuboid and try to fire it barely fires the coil and "Protection" pops up on the screen. Also if I use anything else than the wattages the coil gets overwet? I tried all the other coils and same problem. But with the clapton one even wattages doesnt work, it over wets the coil.

Literally if I use anything else than wattage mode and the ss 316 0.5 ohm coil with it, I get mouthful of boiling juice on my face.

What I am doing wrong?? what is wrong??
Kindly suggest you hold the tank upside down, and swing it swiftly.


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