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10 Cubis Tanks for Giveaway!
I really like the gold tank. Good luck to everyone  心

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I'm 6 Months Free Of Cigarettes! 心
(01-17-2016, 07:45 PM)Feke Wrote:  It's working far better than the eGo ONE Mega or the Tron tanks. You can't really compare them. It's a totally different experience! You'll never touch those tanks again after You try the Cubis..

That's good to hear.

But for me personally, the Mega One tank is far better than it's reputation. Smalll size, robust, and I like the included tip. Flavour is good for me and that counts most. Only thing I wanted was top filling. If the Cubis is even better, good news!
Would like to try the tank on my Evic Mini. Thanks for the giveaway, Joyetech!
I'd love to try it on my mods Joyetech
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in Cubis i like design and great top-filling
I like the grey one !
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(just have my activation mail, waiting since friday 微笑 )
They look really nice. I would love to use one of them on my Evic VTC!
but activation mail is too late
Sure , now it sends an activation mail when it's to late . And I already bought a Cuboid from but didn't have enough $$$ for the tank also . Would have loved to win The Gray tank to match my cuboid 微笑 Well I can use my Crown on it .
Joyetech Cuboid
XCube 2
XCube Mini
Black Uwell Crown
Geek Vapes Griffin
Herakles Plus
Arctic V8
Don't worry I am sure there will be more Giveaways



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