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How do you think of Joyetech Social?
At present, Joyetech Social system is in trial operation.

Social is a community, where you can
get and offer help about Joyetech products;
being fully involved with activities;
where makes you updated with products information;

Are you satisfied with the interface operations of social?
Are there something need to be improved?
Your suggestion will be valuable for us.
always a good idea 微笑
When you dream there are no rules.
People can fly. Anything can happen.
Sometimes there
Hello there! I think it was a very good idea to establish Joyetech social. Your fans and customers can exchange experiences with Your products, they can download some useful manuals, they are easily informed about Joyetech news and they can easily get other useful pieces of information. Good job, Joyetech, well done!!!
I think joytechs social was a great idea!! Everyone can talk about their experiences with joytechs products as well as Askin questions about certain products, download manuals, links to find local stores, get updates on new products and news. Everything you need and more is at your fingertips. Love it!
Cigarette free since November 2013! ?大咧嘴
Great idea! I love the idea of having a place to go where we can not only get advice from other users but also from Joyetech itself. The only request I have is to allow avatar pics. It's a bit plain in here lol **edit** Nevermind, I found it!
I think this site is a great idea and gives many people to connect and discuss products
I agree with everything said already. But I just want to point out again that this is awesome that we now have a place to communicate directly with joyetech.
I imagine the site will only get better from here on out.
Think its a great idea...i need buddies...add me!!!
Great Idea, I like to be able to find out about new products !
Wanderful platform, I need find friends here to chat experience of e-cig.


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