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Joyetech Cuboid Review by TVC
(02-03-2016, 02:52 PM)si98justme Wrote:  I got mine last week Friday,

I was really impressed by the look and feel of the Cuboid and it functions pretty much the same as the vtc-mini, so it was a must have.

So far it's been functioning well, electronically, its brilliant, but the finish has started getting tarnished!!

It was my assumption that this device was finished in stainless... Apparently not, It is plated Zinc alloy!

I can't speak for the Cuboids in other colours, but the silver one's finish is rubbish and will not last.

If you inspect it closely with a torch and a magnifying glass, you can clearly see that the plating is horrendously thin!

I have had all too many experiences with shoddy plating from Joyetech's flagship devices:

Evic: button plating worn in 3 months.
Evic Supreme: button tarnished in 3 months. Although the rest has survived very well.
Ego One: again button tarnished...
Evic VTC Mini: paint peeled in places within one week!!

Now I have a Cuboid that has tarnished within a week!!! Don't even get me started on the rattling firing button...

Come on Joyetech, as you can clearly see I am a fan and have thrown a lot of money at you. I understand that casting Zinc alloys is easier and cost effective to machine. I also understand that you can get away with plating Zinc alloy, but most certainly not at the level you guys do at the moment. I think I speak for many when I say that we expect your flagship products to be made of sturdy metals. Marine grade Aluminium is just as easy and cheap to machine and cast. It even has a similar melting point but does not oxidise as badly and we as users can re-finish the case if it starts looking tatty. Also, how difficult would it be to make the screens out of the same gorilla glass as mobile phones?!

It would also not have been difficult to finish the Cuboid in actual Stainless Steel sheeting, which could chave been pressed into the same form, with spot welded threads for the screw points to avoid having to machine the entire case (I'm fairly sure that would also have been cheaper)

As it stands, I am furious because every time I buy a product of yours, I expect it to be the last one I'll ever really need and that it will last at least as long as the electronics do. Instead the finishes on all the Joyetech devices I own, including this 5 day old Cuboid, looked tatty from very early on!

As far as technology and reliability go, you are head and shoulders beyond your competitors, the only flaw is that the finishes on you products don't last.

There's no use making a "best in class" product, with amazing capabilities and looks, if it looks like an old tatty mod by the time you show it to other people when they ask "what are you using and where can I buy one?".

Please guys, make your plating A LOT thicker or clad them in a thin sheet of Stainless Steel, or at least Aluminium, wherever it comes in contact with human skin or the elements, inside could be moulded plastic for all I care.

I have attached pictures to show what I am talking about. The fingerprints are permanent, and don't even come off when cleaning with a damp cloth...

I have the same experience with the silver cuboid. This POS is looking tarnished after a couple months of occasional use. Dark pathcy marks that will not clean off. Firing button rattles a lot and theres condensation under the screen cover which is causing the display to look blurry. This is really obvious if you shine a torch at the screen and it relects back the thin milky layer of condensation.

It's a shame this mod works well for the most part but looks like a years old piece of shit in no time. Joyetech support totally useless, suggesting for me to clean it with a cloth (like I hadn't though of that) and to keep it away from water (yes, I don't usually swim or shower with my mods) After pressing them further Joyetech suggested I change my coils and that 1 month is normal usage for a coil um.. WTF?

Thankfull the only other mod I've purchased from JT is an ego one complete with a persistently leaky tank, and this tarnished up Cuboid will be my last JT purchase, ever. It's not just the mod that's tarnished it's also Joyetech's reputation as far as I'm concerned.

If you haven't bought one yet, DON'T buy this silver one, or better yet put your money towards a better mod from a manufacturer who will stand by their product.
I am asking you both what are you expecting from a device for that kind of price? From China? Massive stainless really?

I'd be willing to pay USD 10 - 20 more for higher quality casing, 510 and buttons, have been saying that since last October. But if many buyers signal to Joyetech flappy bird and a clock display are more important ...
(06-18-2016, 12:44 PM)peter-k Wrote:  I am asking you both what are you expecting from a device for that kind of price? From China? Massive stainless really?

I'd be willing to pay USD 10 - 20 more for higher quality casing, 510 and buttons, have been saying that since last October. But if many buyers signal to Joyetech flappy bird and a clock display are more important ...

I'd definitely pay a premium for the Stainless (or silver) model if it was done properly, like the finish on the ego one battery it still looks pristine after 6 months because this was proper stainless steel apparently. It's misleading because this is the same finish I was expecting with the Cuboid. If I had have known of the poor finish on these models I would have gone with the black or grey. To answer your question more directly what do I expect? for ANY given price tag I expect the finish will hold up to regular usage, wear and tear for at least 12 months. This is a given, baseline standard. IF JT want to add fancy bells and whistles to their firmware all the better but the hardware itself on the silver cuboid is simply sub-standard for any type of device. This product should not have been released in it's current form imho. If JT weren't able to release the silver version with a DECENT finish at this price point then.. dont! or charge a premium and let the customer decide. Long term this just make the company look bad.
You are not the first and I actually concur about what you said regarding misleading.
I would like to take the opportunity again and suggest a eVic Vtc Pro with quality stainless body, highest quality 510, and a better USB port with cover, and if people like then a Cuboid Pro as well.
I'm in no rush for another mod at this stage but when that time comes I think there are better options out there if you value a decent hard-wearing finish. Given JT's track record of dodgy finishes i wouldn't hold my breath for future products to be any better. Heck, even my humble iStick30w still looks near new after 9 months of daily use. For now I'm gonna find (or maybe make) a leather wrap for this damn Cuboid and be done with it.
I 心 my Cuboid! I really do my only problem is that the screen scratches so easy that softest cloth will leave scratches. But for 35 bucks what do you expect?
(06-25-2016, 09:11 AM)mercurymod Wrote:  But for 35 bucks what do you expect?

A case that doesn't tarnish and look like crap in the space of a month or so, and a screen that doesn't internally collect condensation and now appears blurry.
cuboid150 is so rock to have... nice mod. and has a nice price for its quality... i never regret it for buying.. really
UPDATE:  ...on my thoughts on the finish of the 'stainless steel' or silver Cuboid.

With a couple of polishing products you may already have around the house, I've managed to bring my danky looking Silver Cuboid back to a near new, clean & shiny finish. All the dark tarnish areas are gone and it's been good for a few weeks now and will be interesting to see how long before it begins to tarnish again. Anyone with a silver cuboid who isn't happy with how the finish has 'aged' I highly recommend you give this a try.

Basically I used 'Brasso' and a shitload of elbow grease. If you're unsure on how to apply, basically grab a clean soft cloth apply a tiny amount of Brasso and rub the crap out of it in small sections applying pressure as you go. Rotate the cloth to a clean section often. Have another clean soft rag to buff off any residue. It takes some time but well worth it.

If you have any really dark tarnished areas which the Brasso won't remove you'll need a slightly heavier abrasive compound and I used Kitten Cream Cut & Polish. It basically does the same job as the Brasso but is slightly more coarse.

disclaimer: do this at your own risk and try a small section first as a test (underneath maybe)

Now I love my Silver Cuboid again.

Glad you found away to enjoy your mod again. 酷 At least you had Flappy Bird to keep you company and give your fingers a break. Now go find or request a cool logo to make it personally yours. 心



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