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Pouring or Dripping, which one do you prefer?
Dear all,

One of the most attractive features about CUBIS is about its new CUP DESIGN, creating a new way of refilling.

The new cup design makes it is more convenient to refill the e-juice by both pouring directly or dripping into.
One of our dear customers shared his experience: I like pouring directly now, so fast!

Which way of refill do you prefer?

Happy holidays everyone.

[Image: cubis.jpg]
The Joyetech e-liquid bottles do have one of the most practical top tips. Slim enough to get even into the tiniest filling holes, yet quick when I squeeze the bottle. Many others come with fat tips or big glas dripper. In particular the later is slow, I have to repeat the filling process usually. With the cup design I can fill direct from the bottle, I understand.

I am keen to get hands on one but that has to wait until my next visit go overseas.
it would be nice to just pour then drip for once. i have a top fill tank and it still takes some time to fill it.
For saving time, I prefer to pour juice directly. 天使
(12-25-2015, 09:36 AM)Geo Wrote:  For saving time, I prefer to pour juice directly. 天使

I prefer puring too. 大咧嘴
already got used the drip
smaller the chances to do dirt :-D
This tank looks AWESOME!!!!
I love the way this tank is put together. Very cool innovation and great styling. With the release of the Cuboid and the update to 200 watts I'm just wondering why Joyetech didn't make this tank with a larger coil and more airflow to handle 100-150 watts. Unless there is another tank in the works to take on that role. Although the names Cuboid and Cubis would suggest that these two are meant to be used together. If so, this is quite a mismatch.
I think this is good idea of design and functional! I like as joyetech made system of this tank! If JT want made star of tank - him need made a RBA head for this device!


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