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Firmware V3.0 for eVic-VTC Mini
Compatible with eVic-VTC Mini, the software to upgrade firmware to 3.0 Version is now available.

The 3.0 Version, presents overall information in a more clear, precise and elegant way.

It is newly added with SS316 mode which especially goes with BF SS316 head.

At the same time, in VT mode, the resistance range has upgraded to 0.05-1.5ohm.

Meanwhile, it applies TCR mode for customer to set personal vaping reference going with various coils like NiFe, SS304, SS316 etc., and is comprehensive, cool, and convenient to use.

For more information, please check:

[Image: evicvt_mini_battery_13.png]
Cool cool, indeed. That's clearly a good step ahead of similar products.

Where to buy SS316?
Great! Very2 thank you to joyetech team!
Great news for my eVic VTC mini, well done Joyetech!
In this article include about the new versions of firmware.its a type of software used for the devices.this article include full informations clearly.i got a clear idea about this topic.thanks a lot for sharing this article.


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