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VTC Temp Control since 1.3/2.0 broken
Hello JT hello Users.

I and some others tested the Temp Control with V1.3/2.0 and we figured out that the Update has broken it.

Dry-Cotton got light brown at 220 °C and 30 Watts with Version 1.0 to 1.2, but it burns like Hell now with 1.3/2.0 and the same Settings. We tested it with locked and unlocked Resistance.

Wires used for the Test :

0,28mm/29GA Ni200
0,32mm/28GA Titan
0,40mm/26GA V2A(304)Stainless-Steel

Dear JT, please fix that asap.
Dear friend, thanks for your message. What is the coil's resistance? Does it change while happens?
Didnt changed in Resistance and tested it with these Wires :

0,12 Ohm 0,28mm // 29 GA Ni200
0,46 Ohm 0,32mm // 28 GA Titan
0,42 Ohm 0,40mm // 26 GA SS (V2A/304)

Atomizers where TFV4 Single-RBA and Uwell Crown.
To my opinion this test ought to be done again with OEM tank and heads.
Not trying to be a dick here....

But the cotton did not catch fire right? If not, than temp control worked
It may be off compared to other devices depending on what coefficient was used.

Just adjust the temp accordingly to what you prefer to vape at.

I have been vaping on temp control for a year now and not once did I do the dry burn test because it will be different with all devices. Cotton burn test also has a lot of factors, the tightness of the wicking, type of cotton, how compact it is etc..
I just set my temp low, adjust up until I get to a point where I enjoy the vape.

I am currently vaping on SS 316L wire (I know the evic was calibrated for SS 304) but I have it set at 210C @ 25watts. I agree that it feels like a 250C vape but it doesn't bother me because wattage cuts and tapers down so I don't get a dry hit and I get a consistent vape.... therefore temp control works... just not "accurately".

It is like buying pants, one manufacture you might buy 30, another you might by 32. Are you going to write a letter and tell them their pants are wrong and broken or just try the fitment until it is right?
BlackCRX, Cotton should not get black or "burn" at 220°C (Cotton Bacon and Muji). It got light brown with a dry coil on 1.0 to 1.2 which was correct. But now there isnt any dry-detection anymore.

Thr daughter of Joyetech Wiesmec released a Update for the Revoulaux RX 200 (V1.07) and Presa 75TC because of this. Not only my Person would be happy to see a Update for the VTC-Mini too because all Mods share the same Chip and Electronics.


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