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Attention! Read this if you're new to this forum and want to join!
To all Joyetech fans,

IMPORTANT NOTICE - April 2019, Joyetech will not be using this forum officially for a while, it's possible that it may be replaced with a new one in the future!

Questions or comments will NOT be answered here. If you have technical problems with Joyetech devices please visit the official contact page -

Do find and enjoy the many device screen logos that are here in the meantime. Best wishes, Mod.

Hello. I have a eVic VTC Mini. I am not robot... Danger Will Robinson!
Greetings friends, it's a pity that I have to prove that I'm not a robot, but too much spam is forcing it to do
I don't usually post in this forum, but have used the information I've found here numerous times. I have a workhorse EVIC MINI that is my daily driver and I abuse it regularly. It has been dropped more times than I can count and it's never let me down! As far as I'm concerned, Joytech has built a quality device at a very reasonable price. If this sounds like a Bot, then I'm a Joytech Bot...LOL
Keep up the good work!
Smut 眨眼

New to Joyetech kit, I have an eVic Primo Mini and an eGo AIO amongst others 8)

Keen to learn!
Hello Guys...i'm pretty new to this and didn't post on forums for years. But i bought a cuboid tap yesterday so...why not? 微笑
Joyetech egrip 2 user, I love it so much I have 3!!
(03-14-2018, 09:54 PM)joey1211 Wrote:  In your time mods!

You need to describe your experience with vaporizers and vaping, especially Joyetech devices.
Hi I am from Canada and luv my ego one's and I am not a robot.

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Welcome SkyeNova


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