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eVic Primo Mini issue.
Hi all!

I've had my eVic Primo Mini now for around 1 month and it was fine up until a few day ago where the ohms and volts are starting to climb up more and more even with a new coil in it. I've left the atomizer and the mini sit for 24 hours and try to reset it but that didn't work, I've not being able to reset the ohms at all. I'm using a .8ohm coil ( Prisim S atomizer ) and the Mini reports it sitting at .87, I've even tried the 1.5ohm coils and they are reporting a lot higher as well @ 1.6ohms. Since the ohms are higher so is the volts, gone from 3.7 to 3.9+ @ 18watt.

I use Samsung batteries and i have 2 of them and both are showing the same ohms and volts when put into the Mini, so I'm assuming there is a bug / issue with my Mini?

As long as the coils are settling in after a while it is normal. All coils vary a bit from their advertised ohm rating. 0.05 to 0.1 ohms is fairly common. Once a coil has been heated and cooled a few times it will settle to a consistent rating. If the coil is Stainless Steel, Nickel or Titanium the resistance will rise as it is heated and come back to normal after it cools.
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