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Exceed Box Review
The compact starter kit characterizes a visually stunning EXCEED BOX.The box presents you with two optional modes: direct output and constant voltage output together with advanced dual circuit protection, making it perfectly pair with EXCEED D22C in terms of appearance and performance.


I Love the Look and Feel of This New Box Mod - Fits snug in your Hand a perfect stealth vape 微笑 Does not slip in your hand its more of a matt paint then shiny The 2 Colour really makes this mod stand out ~ The tank fits like a glove The perfect combination for the Exceed Box Mod


Petite yet powerful with 3000 mAh built-in battery


Being petite in appearance, powered by 3000mAh built-in battery, the EXCEED BOX with EXCEED D22C starter kit is bound to bring you huge vapor.


Out of all the Mods I own This one sure does pack a punch Plenty of vapour even on 50/50 eliquid .The Flavour is amazing No dry hits or Leaking

Hailing design cues from the initial Joyetech EX series atomizer head, the brand-new EXCEED D22C atomizer came with childproof system apart from the precise top filling solution and the exquisite adjustable airflow control system. The EX series heads with novel structure are engineered to deliver pure flavor with earthly vaping enjoyment both for mouth-to-lung and direct-lung vapers.


The indicator lights will show the battery life by displaying the number of bars of with the Joyetech logo on it.


This Battery lasts ages for me ( I'm a light Vaper I'm getting 2 and a half days ) Perfect for when you are out for the whole day you dont have to worry about charging . I think the Light system is a brilliant idea The menu is the right size and lets you know when you need to charge so no chance of running on empty .

Perfect Partnered With The Exceed D19 Mod


I'm In Love with this Box Mod I love the fact that it's MTL ~ I'm using the 1.2 ohm coil and so far i have had no dry hits The flavour is amazing !! Its a compact little mod small enough to fit in your hand and does not slip ( I would like to see silicone covers for these though ) just to protect it in case i drop it .fingers crossed i don't lol . The vapour production is just wow I have been left in a fog on many occasions !! The tank I had some trouble with but only because i'm not used to the design and it was a little bit stiff to start with The top fill Is just the best quick to fill up no mess what more could you want 微笑 .I think this is an ideal starter kit for someone who is switching to vaping Very easy to use and no need to worry about lots of settings  I'm rating this 10/10 Hits all the right spots with me

For more info follow this Link - exceed-box-with-exceed-d22c
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Nice review. Thank you @Vapeoholic
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(12-19-2017, 02:12 PM)Ellen Wrote:  Nice review. Thank you @Vapeoholic

Your welcome 微笑


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