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Exceed Box honest review.
Hi, my dear friends! I want to show you a little bit of new Exceed Box, only received it now.
[Image: tiNWvOBgOXo.jpg]

This little friend here is so cute. At first I thought that it will be big as eVic VT/VTwo, but it looks no bigger than a matchbox!
I don't know what to say about the atomizer, because it's the same one, only child-proof. Lock is working better than on the old AIO's.
Flavor and vapor is great once again, tank is not leaking and everything is fine - it's safe to recommend.
The box itself works in two modes - constant and direct output. LED light indicates the current mode, doubled by little display on the top. Little display also shows battery life. The battery is big enough, 3000mAh with 1.2 Ohm coils is a very good combo. It's pitiful that this device lacks 2A charging, it only supports up to 1A. USB-port is on the side and vent holes are on the bottom - pretty standart. Paint has a soft-touch feeling about it, the Exceed Box won't slip out of the hand.
Overall, it's a very cute device. It's simple enough to gift to the elderly people, fathers and grandfathers, to help them quit smoking without going through some endless menus. And everyone who liked D19 should get one too - they are a perfect pair! Thank you, dear Joyetech!
[Image: IpF0yBXmeFs.jpg]
[Image: b2GkjFmP7-g.jpg]
[Image: vIsPIiPI6Bk.jpg]
[Image: banner1.jpg]
[Image: logo2.png]
Nice review 微笑 and I agree when I seen it has 1amp charging and not 2amp. But with the bigger battery don't think it would need to be charged faster and as often
I was meaning that my old father, for example, having trouble with regulated mods. He needs something good and easy to use. Exceed series are very easy to get into.
[Image: banner1.jpg]
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