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ATOPACK Dolphin honest review.
Hello, dear people of Joyetech! I have received this little cutey yesterday and managed to use it for half of the night and half of the day. I have a few things to say:
1. I terribly sorry that I have not taken any beautiful photos yet. I will update when I will have some.
[Image: vgjZGyJ-DQs.jpg]

2. Technically: In technical means, Dolphin is a big improvement over Penguin. Craft is perfect, there are no wobbling or anything, no holes, no asymetry, nothing. Cartridge is fixed inside the body, it won't go away, you can even lift the whole device by holding a mouthpiece. Cartridge itself is improved too. Redesigned silicone gasket prevents any leaks, coils from the package are great, filling liquid and controlling it's level is easy and convinient. I would rate the technical overall at 8/10, where 10 is non-reachable ideal.

3. Impressions: I have used 50/50 6mg e-liquid on JVIC3 1.2 coil. Coils are very good, but the airflow is still not strict. Very good throat-hit and very nice flavor. Battery life with this coils is good - nearly 6 hours of semi-active usage. Charging is fast. I'm very impressed on this device's performance, mind it's low cost. On the scale of money/quality I will give it a 8/10.

4. Visuals: The device and package is very cute. You will know the exact same moment you will buy this device that it will be very cute 大咧嘴
[Image: p5m-bTHTiQY.jpg]
My mother said that this is the cutiest e-cig she had ever saw. Device is very nice to hold and use, ergonomics are very high and the fire button is great. The device is made from plastic, so it's also very light. Style, ergonomics and appeal earns a 9/10 here.

5. Let-downs: The biggest let-down is the black color. It's glossy, collects scratches and fingerprints as hell. The second not-so-bad thing is that even with the small mouthpiece and 1.2 coil this device is still not MTL.

Overall Crazybasil rating: 7/10 for black version, 8/10 for others. I would recommend to own this device.
[Image: banner1.jpg]
[Image: logo2.png]
Awesome! Thank you for sharing 大咧嘴
[Image: logo2.png]
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