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Other Elitar Pipe Repair Questions
Hi everyone,

I recently dropped my Elitar Pipe. I was sitting on a chair and the pipe was lying on my leg when it slipped and fell on the floor, directly on the mouthpiece. The atomizer, an Aspire Atlantis Evo, was broken, but easy to repair.

Basically, the Elitar Pipe still works, too. But since this accident, I regularly get errors when using the Elitar Pipe. Even though I did not change anything, it often aks me the "new coil/old coil" question, switches from TC mode back to VW mode or gets into "temp protection" instantly without heating up at all. These errors come and go randomly.

My guess is that the impact broke one of the soldered connections on the 510 connector.

I want to resolder the connections, but I don't know how to open the pipe. When I remove the two screws on the battery case, I can't get any further.

Does anyone here have an idea on how to open the Elitar Pipe to get to the electronics.



PS: As this problem is not covered by warranty, and as I bought the Pipe from abroad, sending it in for repair is not an option. But neither is throwing it away, I 心 my Elitar Pipe!
I don't own one but looks like the 510 is pressure fitted on if not it's glued on. And if there are screws there has to be away to dissembl it. After you took the crews out is there any play in the battery tray if you pull on it. Maybe it slides out? Might be hidden scews too

I tried to pull out the battery case again, this time with a little bit more force applied. And I got it out! Thanks for encouraging me!
You need to lift it and then pull it out in the direction of the display. The battery case is only connected by cables, so you can't break anything at this point. After that, I pushed the inner connector of the 510 back in place (be careful to push it in a straight way).
It seems like the Elitar Pipe now works again as it should... 微笑


Glad you got it fixed 微笑


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