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Still no Variable Voltage mode - HELLO JT
VV is one of the customization options. Why not.
With custom firmware we improve JT. They do not want - we can. See the difference.
(11-24-2017, 07:01 AM)MicroSur Wrote:  VV is one of the customization options. Why not.
With custom firmware we improve JT. They do not want - we can. See the difference.

Probably, because most vapers do not use this functions. I'm interested only in VW with kit tanks, and clock is a must for me in a box mod. I'm not using any other features, because i'm not interested. More of that - as a retailer I can say that 99% customers are not using this functions, and TC in main menu only gets things worse, because people don't know what to do. They are calling shops and asking what is happening with their devices and if they are broken. I believe, allowing custom firmware is a good thing, so it can be used only by experienced vapers and won't cause damage. Or make a simple firmware with only VW/Clock, and put "professional" firmware on Joyetech site.
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I didn't say it was going to be huge (very popular). I wrote about firmware;

Quote:I was one of the first posting how you should include a custom TCR and a SS setting years ago when VTC first came out.

VV mode wont be as huge as that but it will get attention. Enough for you to recover the cost of implementing it and JT will gain a reputation of including more options.

It does not matter where the VV option goes.

JT Exceed Box with a 3000mAh Battery. No idea id they'll make enough on that. I think the built in battery setup will limit interest but that's obvious. It'll be appealing to stealth vapers that don't mind buying a new device when battery gets old and like the idea of bypass and VV(or is it fixed voltage?)

Same happened with the Noisy Cricket. Dedicated device and two batteries. It appealed to some. No idea if they made money off it. I did not buy it because of dual battery.

VV will do best as an option along side of VW, TC & Bypass on a popular devices. It's an option for something different and we all know enthusiast vapers like that. People wont go 'OMG it has VV', it'll be discussed in the background here and there.

As far as users not knowing what they are doing. I'm talking about enthusiasts not others. Like custom TCR and SS(in the beginning).

Enthusiasts give a device a good reputation on top of the device being good but they like their custom setup a certain way. They have a preference for battery, atomiser, coil, wick, juice, DT, Colour, VW, TC, bypass, VV, etc.

It's like asking why include Bypass? Because it's a good option to have. Obviously.
(11-22-2017, 07:20 PM)gfdeputy2 Wrote:  Wow did not know anyone still used VV
I was so happy when everyone went away from it vaping was not as pleasurable it was tolerable at best

I explained the reasons in all my posts. I guess they don't interest you. Everyone likes different things for different reasons.

When you say "tolerable at best"
I assume you mean you did not like setting the voltage?

People who have real knowledge of electronics often agree with everything I wrote and really experienced vapers who understand those points too.

Anyway. I'm off to look for another mod with VV+TC+VW+Bypass


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